Your Cozy Coffee Station at Home: a Step-by-Step Guide


If you’re not a coffee lover, the chances of you trying anything written in this article are very low (unless you’re a true DIY devotee, in which case, I congratulate you!)

However, for all the other folks who would do ANYTHING for their favorite cup of coffee…you’ve come to the right place! There’s nothing like having a cup of coffee in the comfort of your own home, and that’s why a coffee station is just what you’re missing!

Not only you’ll get the home coffee routine of your dreams, but you’ll also have an additional place to brag about to your guests! Besides, if you’ve just started with DIY projects, a coffee station is a great place to start. Let’s begin!

coffee station
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Pick your favorite type of coffee station

When it comes to coffee stations, there are many options from which you can choose. However, the main three are usually these ones: on the counter, on a different piece of furniture, or on a moveable cart.

Counter coffee station

Given that you already have this surface, there’s really no need for you to dish out anything extra for a coffee station base. Besides, countertops are specially made to resist all the moisture and spill that a coffee station comes with.

Even so, you should still keep in mind that you might lose all that counter space with a brand-new station. It might not mean a lot to bigger kitchens, but for smaller ones, it might become a problem.

Freestanding coffee station

A freestanding coffee station can be easily moved wherever in the house (ok, maybe not the stairs), and you can easily use anything as the base.

And if you’re on a tight budget, no worries: simply look for the pieces that you already have, and try to see if they’d make a good coffee station base.

You could always update them with a fresh layer of paint or even a couple of funky stains. Also, try some items such as craft carts, side tables, small desks, and so on.

In case you’re using an electric coffee machine, then you also need to keep in mind that it has to be closer to an outlet. Besides that, you might also want to keep in mind that adding another piece of furniture will eat away some of your floor space.

Declutter your future coffee station

The whole point of having a coffee station is to have your own coffee altar, so to speak. That’s you have to declutter the space before deciding upon the location of your station.

Even more, you have to consider some additional counter space for when you’ll make coffee. After all, nothing gets in the way of your morning happiness like elbowing something to the floor because there’s too much clutter.

Decide on the design

Now that you have decided on the location of your future coffee station, it’s time for you to think about whether you want the station to blend with the rest of the room or become the next focal point.

Blending in

You need to carefully look at the room where your future station will be, and make sure you pay attention to the color scheme and textures.

Then, make sure you match the coffee bar elements to at least one or two colors and textures, whether it’s wood, metal, ceramic, or anything else. This way, the whole atmosphere of the room will flow.

Making it pop

If you’re dreaming of a coffee station that steals the spotlight, you first need to paint the base of the coffee station a different color or a bolder hue.

You might also distress the finish, use ornate pulls, or an interesting wallpaper. Whatever you might decide upon, you have to make sure YOU like it. And if nothing seems to fit your style, don’t worry: you can always make up with accessories.

Think storage

The ideal coffee station has plenty of room to show off all those interesting accessories and crafts, besides additional storage to stash away items you don’t want to keep in plain sight. Check out what are your coffee station storage options:


If you want to use your vertical space, shelves are your go-to. You will nicely show off everything that needs to be seen, from coffee bar art to interesting canisters and flavored syrups.

It’s true that traditional shelves are also a good option, but nothing compares to quality wood floating shelves, especially if you want to get that nice farmhouse atmosphere.


Whether you decide to attach the cupboards to the coffee station or to surround it, they are the best-hidden storage solutions. You might use them to hide away extra mugs, mix-ins, coffee beans, and so on.

Bottom shelves

If you added an open bottom to your coffee station, don’t worry about it! You can either leave it open as it is, or you can transform the open space into a little hiding space.

You can also add a curtain to the bottom if you want a little touch of softness and movement. This kind of space goes really well if you want to have that vintage, farmhouse vibe. Besides, they’re great for adding a bit of texture, color, and even pattern.

mugs station
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Display your favorite mugs

There’s no coffee station without a proper display of some of your favorite mugs. Probably the best way to show off your mug collection is to find a place for them upfront.

Mug hooks

Hanging your mugs is a great solution, as you use all that space that otherwise would be completely ignored. It’s even better if you’d go for smaller coffee bars because it will let you have as much counter space as possible.


Shelves are another great solution for showing off your mugs. You can arrange them the way you want, as minimal or as elaborate as you find fit.

Mug tree

Have you ever thought about getting one of those amazing mug trees? You can easily display your favorite mugs with them, and their simplicity yet cuteness will easily blend with your decor choice.

Outside-the-box solutions

Naturally, when it comes to displaying your mugs, there’s no better opportunity out there to flex your own creative muscle. You shouldn’t be afraid to experiment.

Get organized

Besides mugs, you should definitely try to add at least one or two coffee accessories. And when I say coffee accessories, I mean literally anything, from linens, coffee beans, filters, coffee add-ins, and so on.


Have you ever tried transferring your sugar and tea bags into customized canisters? Not only it will keep them fresh, but it will also look tidier.


A tray will bundle everything together. If you set up a counter coffee station, it will also enhance the area and make it seem more distinct than the rest of the room.

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Add personality

If you’ve taken all the needed steps to make a proper coffee station, now it’s time to shine with accessories! There are SO MANY options and possibilities, that you’d have a hard time settling for one!

Coffee bar signs

A cute sign is the easiest way to add a little bit of magic to your DIY coffee station. You can go with anything you like, from coffee quotes, seasonal sayings, and even signage from popular TV shows (like the famous Central Perk sign from Friends).


A bit of green never hurt anybody, right? It’s easy to add any kind of space, including coffee stations. The safest choice is to go with trailing pants, either an ivy or a pothos.

Of course, there’s always the traditional option of getting a small coffee plant.

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