EXCLUSIVE: Top 9 Most Popular Exterior Home Colors


Can you guess what colors are suitable for home exteriors?

When it comes to redecorating, things are more complicated than they seem. You have to look for colors that go well together, and because of that, the decision can be even more challenging. Some people like the classic hues like brown, olive, or beige, but this year, architects and designers advise us to dare for more! Whatever your final goal is, some friendly advice regarding this matter can’t be more than welcome.

If you’re going to do a nice makeover to your home exterior this year, below you will find a free guide on how to choose the best color combinations for your precious nest. After you’ve seen them all, don’t forget to drop us a comment with your favorite hue. Let’s start!

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1. Red and cream

It’s true that this combo of colors is mostly common for Scandinavian houses. But who said we couldn’t experiment in our homes too? These two make the exterior look good, especially if the red is not shiny. Some dusty red bricks combined with a cream color for the edge of your windows can create an outstanding look. If you want to pick two colors that are timeless and that you will never get bored of, red and cream should definitely be your first choice!

2. Cream and brown

You can’t go wrong with these two! If you’re interested in the chromatic meanings, then you must know that brown means steadiness, and it’s one of the colors that goes very well with cream. Besides giving a classic and comforting vibe to your home, this duo is also used by many European countries because it’s supposed to bring good luck and prosperity to the building.

3. White

White is a classic color that never gets old. It’s simple to apply to the walls, and you can find the hue anywhere for a very good price. Compared to darker tones, white will never fade, and it can look fresh even a couple of months after the renovation. You can, of course, combine it with black for an elegant and outstanding look or with blue for a navy, marine style.

If you’re lucky enough to live in a state where the snow falls during the winter, it would be a pity not to take full advantage of it! Can you imagine how your white exterior walls will look? Let me picture it for you: a cozy and comfortable home with that layer of snow covering the ground and the roof and the indoor golden light streaming from every window. Now that’s a dream house!

Moreover, if you want a place that stands out as the most beautiful in the neighborhood, go for white. You won’t regret it!

4. Green and off-white

I am super passionate about the meaning of colors, which is why I always use it as my go-to guide when it comes to painting the walls. If you almost chose white because of my story, then prepare to be blown away by the incredible combination of green and white. Since green means hope, freshness, and an overall good state of mind, it’s more than perfect for the exterior walls of your home.

These hues are inspired by nature, so your house will definitely feel even more incorporated into the environment. You can choose to paint your roof green (darker or lighter depending on your preference), or you can enhance the look of your windows with it.

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5. Blue and white

Honestly, I couldn’t think of a more perfect duo! And if you have ever been to Greece, then you definitely know why I am saying this. All the amazing shades of blue perfectly mixed with white make me think about the seaside and a perfectly blue summer sky. Blue is widely known as being soothing and is supposed to reduce stress, which is why over the years all the psychologists have recommended it as a therapeutic color. This mixture of blue and white is suitable for any type of house but mostly for cottage-style houses or those that are close to the beach.

Don’t be afraid to stick to just one shade of blue! There are a lot of combinations, from indigo to navy, that can turn the outdated look of your exterior walls into something amazing.

6. Black

Wow! This color is obviously not for everyone. If you like how minimalist modern style looks, then some warm and nice layers of black can refresh the exterior walls in a second. Black pairs excellently with wood and brick, so if you have a cabin-like look, don’t be afraid to dye it this color.

Designers recommend dark tones for those who want to create depth and a dramatic, outstanding look for their nests. Furthermore, when it’s used to accentuate the architectural design, black paint also highlights outdoor areas. If you think this is way too dark for your house, you can add accents of red or white to lighten it up.

7. Bright yellow

Did you know that yellow is one of those colors that helps you boost your mood and improve your mental health? Well, then why not choose it for your walls too? A lot of paint designers recommend bright yellow for house exteriors because it’s a vivid color that can be used for roofs, window edges, or even doors.

If you don’t live in the Sunshine State but you would love to bring the sunshine into your home, yellow is going to be your little helper! Whether it’s a rainy or cloudy day, this color will definitely change your mood. Specialists recommend using yellow in combination with scarlet and black accents.

8. Gray

If you always thought gray was a sad and dull color, this year is the time to embrace it because designers say it’s going to be in the top 5 most wanted colors. Whether it’s a light or a darker tone, gray is both easy to blend and maintain. It can be very well paired with strong and bold colors like orange, green, or even blue. Pick a darker and more intense gray for the siding and a lighter shade for the trim to contrast it. Then dye your front door navy blue! The overall gray look is going to be amazing, classy, and suitable for any type of house.

9. Red

Red is still on top of the list when it comes to vibrant colors. It’s true that most people fear covering their walls in it, but trust me, there’s nothing to worry about! Leave that for your neighbors, who will be jealous of how amazing your house is going to be. If your aim is to have a chic, modern, and cozy look, then red is definitely your color.

Red matches very well with white accents, especially if they are meant to enhance the look of your beautiful windows. Good luck remodeling!

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