Yes, You SHOULD Invest in These 5 Popular Home Upgrades


Gimmicky or not, these popular home upgrades are worth investing in!

No matter if you have been living in the same place for a year or you are looking to buy something new, there are always investments you will have in mind. These also become more and more apparent when you want to remodel certain spaces in your home, and when it comes to upgrades, investments are something that keeps a lot of us stuck.

There are times when you do not know if it is worth making a significant upgrade since there are some that are just fads and you may end up not using them as much as others say they are. It can also be the case that you want to make some smaller upgrades or changes but are not sure if it’s the right time for something like this.

We have gathered some of the most important and frequent home improvements that people are reluctant to invest in, no matter if they are small or big, and presented the reasons why you should go ahead with them if you have the financial means!

Believe us, whether you will be growing old in that home or you plan to sell later down the road to relocate, you will not regret these upgrades!

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No.1: Floor heating!

If there is one thing a lot of people are looking into, it is floor heating! You’ve probably heard of it and maybe even considered installing it yourself, but this is one of the most expensive home improvement investments you can make. If you happen to be building your dream home or making a full renovation, it is nothing too hard to install, but if you want to add it to your home, it is a big project and it requires quite a lot of financial availability as well! So, is it worth it?

The simple answer is yes. Because you will not only be adding a feature that will make your life easier (no more cold floors) and you will be able to benefit from warm rooms due to the radiant heating in your floors, but it will also be beneficial if you decide to sell the house in the future. It also comes with the perk of being less noisy than other types of heating systems, and it is most of the time more energy efficient than other heating systems.

You can pair it up with most types of flooring, but it works best with ceramic, porcelain, or natural stone floor tiles, although there are people who have used it with no problem with laminate or even vinyl flooring as well. So you do not have to think that you will be breaking the bank with brand new flooring too.

A pleasant surprise? It can also be installed in outdoor areas with little to no difficulty!

No.2: More Kitchen Storage!

Did anyone say kitchen storage? The kitchen is one of those places in everyone’s home that never seems to have enough storage space. Be it that you end up acquiring more utensils and appliances than you first planned or that you simply miscalculated your space, it is never too late to invest in the organization of your kitchen and its storage spaces.

After all, it may not be the case that you do not have the space for things, but rather that you have to be more conscious when you are organizing them and you need to be more efficient when it comes to using your available space. Getting a few organizational baskets and going through all your cupboards and cabinets, making sure you know where everything is when you need it, and having a designated space for it, are just some of the things that are going to be invaluable. Make use of that empty corner in your kitchen or pantry and increase the overall storage availability of your space!

Not to mention, when it comes to investments, this is just one of the minor ones. And as a plus, it will help you daily and also raise the value of your home!

And if you are looking to add more storage space in your bathroom but lack the space, make sure to consider this innovative storage unit before calling it quits!

No.3 Save Space With a Tankless Water Heater!

Do you want to save some space? How about lowering your overall energy expenses when it comes to running your house? This is where the tankless water heaters come in, and believe us, they are a game changer when it comes to water heating. Instead of taking up space in your home for a traditional water heater’s tank and wasting energy to keep it warm all the time, a tankless water heater can make things much more efficient.

It is going to turn on and give you on-demand hot water, which means it will only start working when you need it to. What’s more, you are going to save space as they are more compact, and you can easily attach both of them to a wall, leaving you more space to use and even more choices of locations around the house.

If the cost and space of a tankless water heater did not convince you that this is an investment you need, then the life span of these units should. They are twice as durable as the traditional water tanks, and, to add to all the perks named so far, you will not be limited to how big the tank is! You will not have to be careful of how much hot water you are using or how much time you spend in the shower.

Indeed, the upfront cost is going to be higher, but we think it is an investment that is going to be worth it in the long run, both for its durability, performance stats, and efficiency!

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No.4: Showers With NO Threshold!

Do not turn your nose up at this idea, even if it implies having to change your traditional bathroom or make a few extra costly adjustments to your bathroom renovation process. We are aware this is a pretty costly investment to make, but in the long run, it is going to be very beneficial in more ways than just one.

Eliminating this kind of barrier when stepping into the shower space is going to help from an aesthetic point of view, achieving that sleek and clean look many homeowners are looking for in their bathrooms but also removing that extra step you have to take. Whether you are remodeling or building your forever home, this feature will be a future investment that you must carefully consider.

Not only will it raise the value of your home if you end up having to sell, but it will also help you as you get older. It is one of those things that, while they are costly and add a bit to the overall expense, are going to be invaluable later down the road. Barrier-free showers are sought after, and if you get injured or have health problems down the line, not having this threshold will help immensely.

This may necessitate more space for the shower, but trust us when we say you won’t be sorry because it’s both really functional and definitely stylish!

No.5: Solar Energy!

Everyone is worried about the cost of energy these days. Not only have the prices gone up and we are more conscious of the impact some more traditional energy methods have on the environment, but when you add the inflation on top of everything, it gets really stressful! And this is why a lot of homeowners are looking towards alternative energy methods and even thinking about investing in them.

Solar energy is the one that most people see the most value in and is the easiest to invest in! The cost of the materials needed in order to make use of solar energy has decreased, and there are more and more state incentives and tax credits given to those who make this choice, so it is more attainable than ever to make this investment and move at least part of your consumption towards solar energy!

Not only that but making this supplemental energy change can both reduce your carbon footprint and your energy bills. Depending on where you live in the United States, you could also end up producing energy and making money off it too if you are connected to the grid!

Before it gets too complicated, keep in mind the fact that it is definitely worth your while to look into solar energy. If anything, it is a good alternative to buying a gas generator, as a solar one will be a better choice, and you can always rely on a few panels and batteries with solar panels instead in case of a blackout. Even more, a lot of people are looking for this feature, so if you plan to sell your home in the next few years, this is one of the investments that will raise the value of your property!

And since we are discussing home upgrades you should rethink the empty space in your home! Sometimes giving a new layout a try is the way to go and here are our suggestions for the best layouts out there!

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