10 Ideas for the Perfect Indoor Mural


Best Mural Ideas For Your Home:

Even if choosing the best mural idea for your indoors might seem a bit bold, if you strike the right balance, you can easily make the magic happen. What’s absolutely great about murals is that if you decide on these grand designs to make the right statement in your room, you can easily leave the rest of the space breathing, which means no additional decorations.

By choosing murals, you only let your WALLS talk! Wall murals normally stretch across single walls, but they might also be used to envelop an entire room. And there are many interesting styles to choose from, so you might want to freshen up your mural once every 5 years!

There’s a wide variety of choices, from small to big motifs, bold and graphic to minimalist and soft, so there’s a mural design to suit any kind of home. Let’s see what are the options!

indoor murals
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Creative paint for a simple mural

As long as you have the right wall mural ideas and basic painting skills, you can make anything you want! There are a couple of things you need to remember, and we will tackle each and every one of them. First rule: quality acrylic mural paints are the secret!

Choose your ideal color with a matte or eggshell finish, because the light won’t reflect off the mural. If it’s your very first time painting walls, you can also try stenciling, which is an easy mural technique.

You only have to buy a readymade design and carefully transfer it to the wall, then paint over it. Colors are the best way to bring captivating visuals to your home. You can go for a three-tone wall, with different color layering effects. The complementary shades will take over the wall, and you won’t have to worry about the rest of the interior!

Texture and depth with wall murals

If you want to add texture and depth to your room, a mural is a way to do it. You have plenty of paints and wallpaper ideas to choose from! For example, an eye-catching Trompe-l’œil will make your space look and FEEL bigger.

This technique has shadows, the right proportion, and scale to create something that will feel three-dimensional! Textured paints and wallpapers will automatically bring some weight to your scheme, while also preventing a room from looking too boring.

Your living spaces will definitely capture some attention. Plus, if you want to make your room a bit more sophisticated, make sure you carefully curate all the textures, in order to match the rest of the elements in the room. This way, you’ll get a unified look!

Commission a daring painted mural

Wall murals might add color and life to any living space, but they’re also a fun alternative to bigger pieces of art! If you’re working with commissioned artists, it might be a fun project for both sides!

As I said before, you don’t have to be a complete pro to paint a mural, but if you’ve NEVER picked up a paintbrush before, it’s better to start with a smaller canvas and try to work your way to your wide, indoor wall.

It can be the ideal weekend project for those who have the right skill set! As Meena Murthy Kakkar, design head and partner at Envisage, mentioned, “painted murals are just like commissioned artworks, that are also curated, as they’re based on the owner’s personality and background.”

She also added that even if you’d go for a realistic landscape, you can easily opt to have it hand-painted on the wall, instead of simply using wallpaper.

indoor murals
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Create illusions with mural wallpaper

Let’s admit it: BIG murals are eye-catching, to say the least. When you choose the proper design, that has a lot of depth, color, and intricate detailing, you’ll almost feel as if you’re living inside the mural. If you choose a print that captivates you, it might be a bit challenging to design the rest of the space.

Decide on your mural palette, then start from there when you’re establishing the colors around the room. Don’t know how to do that? It’s super simple: just pick a color that’s on your mural design, and sprinkle it here and there around your room. Then, VERY IMPORTANT, go for a main neutral that will ground the palette.

Incorporate a mural design on your ceiling

Do you know what else is great about murals? They don’t necessarily have to end at the walls. Taking them up to the ceiling, covering panels, and skirting, will have an impact on the whole space. It’s also a fantastic way to play with perspective.

It can make a space feel bigger because you basically eliminate ALL the visual and aesthetic barriers between the wall and ceiling. Also, you will extend the dimensions of the space. Plus, it can be a great option if you have compact areas in your house, like a bathroom, for example. By going for a bolder design in a smaller place, you won’t overwhelm your entire house.

Try peel-and-stick wall murals

Ok, so what if you REALLY love murals, but you don’t want to commit to all the fuss that goes with it? Well, there are always peel-and-stick wall murals, right? No nails, no paint, no wallpaper also, so no commitment.

If you aren’t ready to commit to a single design, or if you know that your living space will involve constant change (like a children’s room would), then try peel-and-stick. These wall murals can be cut-to-size, shaped, and applied by anyone. They can also be removed anytime, without damaging the walls at all, while giving the same, fabulous effect as wall murals.

Design a charming mural wall with mosaic tiles

This one’s my personal favorite. Let’s leave wallpaper and paints aside for a minute, and focus on something even more beautiful: TILES! With tiles, you can make a bold and exciting mural for both your bathroom and kitchen.

It will definitely be something that will draw the eye as soon as you’ll set foot in the room! Naturally, tiles are more permanent than peel-and-stick murals, so you have to really think it through before creating a grand statement wall in any of your spaces. If you want to go for a bright interior, you have to choose between primary shades and high-contrast color tiles.

indoor murals
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What about graphic mural art?

Recently, it seems that graphic art has taken over the world! It’s everywhere: every surface, cushion cover, bedspread, and of course, artwork. Graphic art is basically a computer-generated illustration, which is recreated in larger prints and proportions, it can bring a very modern, fun, and youthful vibe.

So if you’re looking to add a bit of EXTRA to your interior design, here’s how to do it! What’s amazing about it is that it can also be customized to fit your room dimensions, but also your personality. You can use the entire wall as your canvas, and transform the room into an ecstatic, upbeat space.

Introduce geometric patterns

“If you go for geometric patterns in different colors, proportions, and designs, it can rather bring a dramatic vibrancy to your rooms” Rahul Mistri explained. By combining bold colors with abstract forms, you’ll charge the most traditional rooms in your house with a few curious contradictions.

These particular types of patterns will leave a huge impression in the room, giving the space that much-needed modern, but rebellious edge. If you want to have an updated take on geometric patterns, consider following various interior design trends on Pinterest, which are entirely focused on organic shapes.

Create an abstract mural wall…

As far as we’re concerned, a mural doesn’t really have to be a large, wall-to-wall design that “steals” the entire space. Murals can also work in simple, pared-down interiors, which might add a decorative touch to the room. Have you ever considered having a minimalist bedroom, for example?

The abstract wall mural will offer an interesting character to the otherwise neutral space in your bedroom, without being too overwhelming. The absolute beauty of any abstract art is that it isn’t defined by any singular style or boundaries, and it will effortlessly lead to a creative look.

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