Make the Most of Your Dressing Room With These 10 Hacks


Who wouldn’t want a dressing room with zero mess?

Is there anything else more satisfying than rows of shoes lined up perfectly and clothes hung in color order? Dressing rooms were initially designed for expensive homes and owners, but today, they are becoming a MUST-HAVE for all of us, making our lives easier.

Walk-in style wardrobes are becoming more and more popular and one of the most desirable spaces within a bedroom. This kind of specially designed space in a room, helps us make the most of every inch. The personalized dressing rooms and closets offer the ultimate in luxury and the best part is probably that they can be designed for any kind of room or space, no matter the style.

All you have to do is prudently choose the company you are working with and tell them about your dream dressing room or wardrobe and the way you want it personalized and organized. Once you have done the space, it is really easy to make your closet look luxurious following these 15 easy hacks.

Did we manage to convince you? Are you already searching for the best furniture company? Or do you have the pace and just need to find out the hacks? Just continue reading.

Dressing room
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Here is how you can make the most of your dressing room with these 10 hacks:

1 ) Plan how to lighten your dressing room

A lot of dressing rooms don’t have a window, so they lack natural light, which is really important for our overall mood. Natural light is also important when it comes to assembling our outfits. We need visibility to make sure that the shades of our items match.

If the room doesn’t have a window, make sure to install as many LEDs as possible, in the places you need them most.

2 ) Estimate your dressing room storage needs

If you are starting from scratch, you should first think about the way you want to organize the main furniture pieces. Start with the practical part before searching for color schemes and elegant wallpaper. These kinds of items become unusable if the base isn’t properly done.

3 ) Choose a sophisticated paint color or wallpaper to make the space look opulent

Choosing black or gray paint can give the space a sophisticated look, making it more elegant and chic.

But before choosing the paint, make sure you adapt it to the light system you have! If the room lacks natural light, it is not a great idea to make it even darker.

4 ) Include a vanity table

Dressing room
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A vanity table in the dressing room is a great idea to store all our beauty products, such as creams, face masks, and makeup items. Having a little corner where we can do our routines before starting the day will have a huge impact on our perspective throughout the day.

5 ) Incorporate a specially designed seating place

A sitting place is essential, especially when we have a vanity table. Taking our time to sit relaxed and prepare for the long day we have ahead is essential if we want to successfully check our tasks.

6 ) Feel free to play with the paint colors

Have fun while choosing the paint colors! Think about the fact that nobody is watching while you are getting ready, so this is the perfect opportunity to play with your creativity! If you don’t feel inspired enough or aren’t sure about what kind of paint color you should choose, don’t worry! Wallpapers are ALSO a great idea!

7 ) Paint the ceiling

If your walls are full of furniture and storage space but you would love to have some color in your dressing room, painting the ceiling is what you need! Feel free to choose your favorite color to make your space look unique.

8 ) Use a curtain to hide clutter

If there are shelves that bother you and you don’t want to see them daily, you can obtain a curtain. It will help you hide the clutter, but it can also be a great design item that will give your space a unique look.

9 ) Use mirrors to make the space seem larger

Dressing room
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As you probably already know, mirrors can make a place seem larger if placed in the right spot. So, a mirror in the dressing room may be needed for your everyday outfits but also for your overall design. A mirror can also be a very elegant item, making the space look more luminous and modern.

10) Keep it simple

If you lack space, the best hack for you is to keep it as simple as you can. Choose bright colors! White furniture will make the space seem larger. For the paint colors, we suggest beige or gray tones. They will give the room a sophisticated look, but they will also brighten up the space.  Don’t forget about the LEDs and the way you organize the bigger pieces of furniture because they can make a huge difference in the final aspect of the room.

Why do you need a dressing room?

A dressing room has become a very practical necessity in every home. This kind of space offers numerous benefits, such as mental health improvement and better home organization. It provides a specially designed space for storing clothes, accessories, and shoes, keeping the rest of the house free from clutter. With a personalized area for all our fashion-related items, it is much easier to keep everything in order. The organization also helps us reduce the time spent searching for seasonal items that we used to store in all kinds of dark corners of our old wardrobes.

A dressing room provides a practical space to get ready for the day that can boost our mood and productivity and also simplify the process of preparing. Having everything that we need by our side, including a mirror, makes assembling outfits easier and the entire process quicker. On a busy morning, a well-organized dressing room is all you need to start your day in a good mood.

It can also serve as a private, relaxing space, contributing to our mental health. Dressing rooms provide a space where daily routines can take place without any unpleasant distractions.

Can a dressing room increase a property’s market value?

Of course! A dressing room can significantly increase a property’s value because potential buyers get more and more interested in having a well-designed space to place their items.

It allows individuals to access all their fashion-related items at once. The visibility can reduce purchases that are not needed, making it easier to combine the items that we already own in creative, new ways.

On Amazon, you can find a clear bin plastic organizer where you can store all of your beauty products, such as creams, face masks, and makeup. It is really useful and can be placed on a vanity table in the dressing room, making all the products easy to find and use. The organizer is made in the USA and comes in different sizes, making it fit effortlessly in any kind of space. It’s really affordable! Purchase it and come back later, in the comment section, to tell us about how your organizing process went. Good luck!

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