10 Best Ways to Upgrade Your Garden In Less Than 24h


What does the garden of your dreams look like?

A beautiful home starts with a beautiful garden. It doesn’t need to be extremely put together or have a lot of exotic plants in several colors to make it look pretty. With a little TLC and us to guide you through the process, you can obtain the results you want and have the garden of your dreams in no time.

Speaking of that, although the weather has thrown a wrench in your plans, there are a few ways to reverse it. And it’s not hard either! If you want to offer your garden a seasonal facelift without breaking the bank, then read on for lots of ideas that will make it look fantastic in all weather conditions.

We promise that these are easy tips, so in only a few hours, you can completely change the appearance of your stunning yard by following our advice on how to improve the beds, planters, and even the sitting area. If you’re on a time crunch, these tips are perfect for you, because it takes less than 24 hours to do these things, so you have no excuses!

These clever low-cost garden projects will demonstrate that you don’t need a landscape gardener or a large sum of money to breathe new life into your backyard (or front yard). Are you ready to begin?

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1. Pot with a draining system

If you want to have a planter but don’t want to spend any money, there’s a trick you can use. Grab an old metal colander and 4 pieces of chain and put together a hanging basket.

A colander is wonderful since it contains built-in drainage holes, eliminating the risk of root rot caused by excess water. You can use a variety of blooming and trailing plants to create a stunning display.

…Simple and effective!

2. Plant strawberries in recycled guttering

Rather than discarding old plastic guttering, repurpose it as a low-cost container for your new strawberry plants. Mount the guttering to the outside wall of your home or garage in staggered lengths and get ready to see those delicious fruits come to life.

This will not only make the arrangement look nice, but it will also majorly reduce the amount of bending required while collecting from low flower beds, so it’s good for your back as well.

3. Furniture

Who said that you only have to use outdoor furniture for your outdoor space? You can actually save a ton of money and make better use of your space by moving your indoor chairs and side tables outside.

It’s not the best solution if you live in a high-rise apartment, but if you can avoid spending twice as much on extra seats that will just end up in storage anyway, why not?

Imagine some wicker seating on your balcony, some rattan seats on your patio, and some cane armchairs tucked away among the plants. These pieces of furniture will be perfect for those moments when you want to relax, be cozy, and enjoy nature at the same time.

4. Construct a flower pot out of a pallet

If you like DIY projects and you also want some privacy from noisy neighbors, this hack is perfect for you! Use some old pallets to construct a planter.

This will look very pretty in your garden, giving it a more natural vibe, while also functioning as a screen for your privacy. A plant’s versatility is shown by the many uses to which it might be put, and the results are charming.

5. Use corks to make labels for your produce

Keep the stoppers from your bottle of wine to use as labels for your produce. Carefully cut off a quarter of the cork to make a flat surface, and then use a permanent pen to label each vegetable. (Can we dare say that wine is good for the soul, for the body, in moderate quantities, and also for your garden?)

If you want your tag to stand out while you’re growing your vegetables, you can use a wooden skewer put into the base of the cork. We don’t know about you, but for us, this is the perfect excuse to enjoy a glass of wine at dinner.

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6. Candle centerpiece

If you have a table in your garden and you plan on enjoying dinner with your family or you want to impress your guests with your decor items, we have a little DIY project for you.

Make a low-maintenance patio arrangement using old terracotta pots – it will look absolutely divine. Put some sand in the containers and a few candles to create a beautiful and chic centerpiece.

Use 3 regular-sized candles or 7 to 9 narrow tapered ones for an odd number that is aesthetically pleasing; we like it when things are good-looking, but also useful, so why not combine these 2, right? You can use your little candle arrangement as a gorgeous table centerpiece or to line pathways with soft light and an air of ease. The best part of this is that you can use citronella candles to ward off troublesome mosquitoes and other insects, which is perfect for those warm summer nights.

7. Create a plant display

Do you dream of having a charming garden, filled with pretty and colorful flowers, where everything looks good and it seems like you have the yard of a fairy? Then let’s turn it into reality.

Enhance the aesthetic value of your outdoor spaces by adding some ladder shelves. If you have any old wooden ladders and have actually no idea what to do with them, instead of getting rid of them, join them at the top to create some interesting shelves.

It’s extremely simple to prepare and inexpensive overall. Then, to make a “flower gallery,” decorate it with the plants you want, from snake plants or roses, the possibilities are endless. This idea is excellent news for those interested in low-cost gardening!

8. Plant a free garden using food scraps

If you want to make your garden a little more sustainable but don’t really have the room (or the cash) to plant a full-scale veggie patch, why not try a nice vegetable trug instead?

This way, you can still eat vegetables that are grown in your own garden, so they’re natural, tasty, and delicious. We’ve discussed with a few experts how to cultivate veggies using just food scraps and we know all of their tips.

They told us that it’s simple to replant spring onions and celery from their root base with a few inches of stem attached. You just cut the stems in half and set them in a small glass of water, with their roots down. When the roots are sprouting, it means it’s time to put them in the ground!

Save the seeds from chilies and sweet peppers and sow them on a bed of fresh compost. Then, after you’ve frequently watered them, put them on a windowsill in direct sunlight to flourish. There you have it! Veggies from your own garden.

9. The coin hack

Have you ever heard about famous gardener David Domoney’s coin hack? During an interview, he said that people ask him all the time how they can tell whether a plant is alive or dead when it’s cold outside, especially if the blood hasn’t gone into the leaf.

Grab your wallet and take a cent from it. The coin is then used to scrape away a tiny section of bark from a branch, revealing the plant’s overall health.

If the tree is brown, then it is dead; if it is green or white, then it is healthy. This easy gardening trick reveals at a glance whether or not your plants are still alive.

10. Add a coat of paint

Are you excited about spring? Why is that? The majority of people feel their best when the weather is warm, days are longer, birds are chirping, and everything around them is colorful and vibrant.

But you don’t have to wait for spring to come to turn your garden into a stunning oasis. You can give your beautiful yard a new lease on life by adding a bold accent color behind your current plants.

Paint an accent wall with a vibrant hue like a ray of sunshine yellow or a vivid shade of blue, and it will make a big statement without requiring a large investment of time or money.

Use exterior paint designed for use outside to avoid damaging the surface. Pick a color scheme for your garden pots and other decorative items that work well together.

…Are you planning on trying any of these tips? They’re easy and quick, and you can involve the whole family in them! If you want more tips and tricks from us, check this one out as well: 11 Energy Saving Tips That Could Save You a Fortune!

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