9 Cheap Decor Upgrades That Will Make Your Guests Say ‘Wow!’


When you plan for your next interior design ideas, don’t rush on grabbing the phone and calling an interior designer. I know it might seem a bit more difficult, but you CAN decorate by yourself, without having to pay someone else.

There are so many things that can be done to cheer up the look of your old, tired space. Besides, we already got your back, as we planned to enlist a couple of interior decoration upgrades that shouldn’t take up the whole weekend and won’t empty your wallet COMPLETELY.

Probably the very first best thing you can do is to work with what you’ve got. Then, you add one or two small but significant details and even consider different wall treatments. There’s a little bit for all of us, no matter the space, the budget, and, of course, the preferences.

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Bring more mirrors

If we’re talking about a frugal, but worthy investment for the next interior decoration project you’ve started to upgrade your home, then we’re talking about MIRRORS. If you think about it, it really shouldn’t come as a surprise that mirrors are the best thing you could get to make a space seem even bigger, brighter, and posh. And the best part?

Mirrors are incredibly INEXPENSIVE. So upgrade your entire home with a mirror here and a mirror there, in different scales and design styles. Since the majority of mirrors aren’t pretentious when it comes to installation, there’s absolutely nothing to hold you back.

Add lots of green

Green always looks fresh and enchanting. Besides, nothing really compares to that organic bent that’s inexpensive yet super easy to maintain. As a matter of fact, I should’ve started with plants, as they’re even cheaper than mirrors!

Plants are one of the best ways to resuscitate a room back to life. And the added benefits of getting more plants? Well, how much time do you got? First, they clean the air, adjusting the humidity, the oxygen, and everything. Then, they have a subtle fragrance (if you’re going for flowers) that’s simply mesmerizing, better than any other home scent you might be looking for.

Buy a new rug

Do you feel inspired by the current interior design in your home? Then you probably don’t have to re-organize everything, right? You could simply try a quick room refresh, and luckily, there are many options that have a forever-chic approach.

As everything seems to work already pretty well in your living room, then maybe it only lacks a proper foundation rug to tie all the elements together. Follow the atmosphere of the room and find a large, neutral rug, that will instantly bring the diverse furnishings and extras together.

It will give you the feeling that the room is fully complete, without additional fuss. Well, that was easier than you thought, right?

Consider getting something high-shine

Another fast home decor refresh is adding a touch of glamor factor in any of your rooms. I’m talking about a luxurious, high-shine extra, such as a metallic vase or decor, along with pillows and throws that have intricate patterns.

This way, your home will look all grown-up and luxurious, even if you’ve made these additions in the most affordable manner. Besides, when it comes to high-shine extras, you could never have enough. A mirror might do the trick, as it will definitely make the room seem larger and brighter, but if you have the chance, consider getting one more item per room, if possible.

cherished finds
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Find a new place for cherished finds

You must have at least one or two objects in your home that you’re very fond of. It could be either a table that you bought at a flea market or a painting made by one of your artist friends. And when it comes to remodeling your home, sometimes a survey from room to room might do the trick. How could these old furnishings double as a brand-new source of inspiration? Well, you might have purchased it for a certain room, but this doesn’t mean that it has to rot in there.

You might have bought that beautiful console for your entryway, but now you see fit to move it into the living room. You’d be surprised to know that most interior decoration routes don’t even require a new purchase. Oftentimes, it’s all about ingenuity and being creative.

Paint your front door

Probably one of the easiest ways to spice up your home is to freshen up your front door. Remember that the entrance is one of the most important pieces of the house because it’s your first contact with the house.

The door is what your guests will notice when they arrive, so if you really want to make a good impression, you should start by arranging the look of your front home. When it comes to colors, the best approach is red, fuchsia, or any other pastel color for that matter. Another tip would be to revitalize the deck and even the fence. Sometimes, change comes from the outside, and maybe that’s exactly what your house needs.

Space out the shelf displays

Now that you’re completely done with your front entrance, you should have a look inside your house and think of brand-new ways in which you could freshen it up. Probably one of the most common missteps we’ve ever noticed in homeowners is that they buy too much, filling their shelves with a bunch of things they don’t even need.

Your home needs space, it needs to breathe, and so does the furniture. So if you have lots of shelves that you’re also very fond of, make sure you completely declutter everything that’s in there. Otherwise, it all looks like a scary mess, and trust me, nothing is feng-shui about that!

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Rearrange your pillows

If you’re looking for a cheap, and easy interior decoration idea that will instantly upgrade your home, you could start by rearranging something: your living room pillow. I can guarantee you that you will instantly notice how it breathes life into your home’s interior design.

You could also buy new pillow covers and replace the old ones. However, if that’s just out of your budget, sewing new pillowcases are also on the table. When it comes to sewing, it’s really not that difficult, as long as you’ve got the right tools for that. And if you just don’t like anymore your old pillows, you could always treat yourself to new ones.

Change the furniture

Look at your furniture. Have a seat on the sofa. Take a minute to breathe, and ask yourself if you still like this furniture. What if you feel it’s too worn out and that something’s missing or something’s simply not as it should be?

Buying new furniture is a no-brainer when it comes to upgrading your home, but it’s also super effective. So if you don’t like your dark wooden benches anymore, swap them for something a bit lighter, like a yellow upholstered sofa.

However, make sure it goes well with everything else you have in the room. When summer hits, our suggestion would be to try colored wicker furniture pieces. There are SO many affordable garden-inspired furnishings that will instantly freshen up the air in the house.

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