10 Amazing Ways to Lighten Up Your Home (Without Using a Lamp)


If you’re sitting in the dark and you can’t see anything, what use is having a nicely designed space?

The ambience and charm of your home can be improved with a well-chosen lighting design. And that’s why we are here! We want to help you choose the best lights for your home. The space gains depth when you use lights, and this can be easily used to highlight particular characteristics of your decor. Customized lighting fixtures can also be used as extra home accents that can make your place feel more lively.

These days, there are many different house lighting design possibilities. We want you to make sure that you are familiar with all of them. From current lighting trends to all other aspects of decorating spaces with lights for home illumination, you need to know all of this before you choose the perfect alternative for your house.

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Christmas or String Lights

Christmas lights are a cost-effective and space-saving lamp substitute. You can put them anywhere in your house. For example, if you don’t have enough space, they can be hung from the ceiling, draped from the walls, or even lined up very close to the edge of the floor.

Unlike a lamp, for which you will probably need to buy a lampshade and an additional bed table, in the case of Christmas lights, you can purchase enough lights to illuminate an entire room for less than $20. When using Christmas lights inside a room, you can also add a warm and welcoming feeling to your house.

String lights are perfect for any space you can imagine because they may be battery power or you can simply plug them into a power socket. Also, they are very easy to set up. A few nails or thumbtacks, and you are good to go.

Wall Sconce

If you want something classy and out of the way, we are sure that a wall sconce is the best option that can fit your needs. Sconces are something like your everyday lamp; the only difference is that they are mounted on the wall.

Sconces are perfect for a person who wants the functionality of a reading lamp without buying an actual reading lamp because they can typically be oriented in a way that the light can reach the bed or couch. Another good thing about the sconces is that they come in both battery-operated and plugged-in types.

They are highly adaptable, coming in a wide variety of sizes, colors, and shapes, so they can fit in practically any home. You can also personalize them by adding a shade.

Light-up Mirror

Do you want to feel like a Hollywood star? If so, the light-up mirror is the best option for you. By using light-up mirrors, the sophistication of a standard wall mirror is combined with the luminosity of a standard bulb lamp. Since it can be hung from the wall, this mirror is perfect if you lack space but still want to have some light inside your home.

When you add lights to a mirror, you can lighten up even the darkest room in your house. And you know what is great? You do that with style. Usually, when you buy this type of mirror, it will come with LED lights included.

The light-up mirror is an excellent low-cost light substitute that typically costs between $50 and $200. Another thing that you should remember is that wall damage shouldn’t be an issue because mirrors can be mounted using screws or velcro.

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Neon Signs

Any home can look so much better if you decide to adopt the retro style that only neon signs can bring. The majority of signs use “light-up wire” rather than actual neon, although you might find some signs at flea markets or antique shops that are made of real neon.

Since we want to make your job easier, you should know that a light-up wire may be bought separately from almost any craft or hardware store and bent into any shape or letter. Also, a pre-made slogan can be bought from Amazon or other online stores and installed in your home.

The average cost of these signs is under $30, making them an affordable option if you wish to add a vibrant flash of light and color to your space. The letters and boards are available in a wide range of sizes, so they can fit most of the places where you will want to install them.

Battery-Operated Candles

Battery-operated candles are a modern and secure replacement for traditional candles. These lamp mockups add light while warming up the space. They are great even if they don’t offer as much illumination as a regular lamp. Battery-operated candles are a nice, economic option that can help you bring some light into your home without putting it at risk.

If you want to be a little more creative and add a personal touch to your space try placing one or two of these candles on a fireplace or a bunch of them all over the room. From tea lights to bottle candles, these decorations are available in a variety of colors and sizes. Depending on the quantity and size, the prices range from $5 to $30.

Electric Lantern

A lantern might be the best option for a home with rustic or country decor. Most home décor retailers have battery- or plug-in-operated lanterns available. LED lights are typically used in these lanterns, making it simple for them to brighten a space while being economical with the energy.

They are suitable for a wide variety of houses because they can look anything from sleek and contemporary to vintage and retro. If you want something modern, you also have a lot of options. From vivid blue to rusted metal, there are many lanterns with a modern appearance.

Since most of them aren’t very big, you can scatter a few throughout a room or an area to provide more light. This alternative to a lamp has a price range of roughly $10 to $30, making it fairly reasonable.

LED Mason Jars

Mason jars that have lights within them are a charming and simple way to provide cozy warmth to any house. They are simple to DIY. You can make them at home with stuff that you have laying around in your shed.

Mason jar lighting is a flexible choice because it can be easily customized to fit any home. Just paint them or put on some stickers and you have a brand-new model. There is no reason to worry about cables or power sockets because the majority of jars bought at stores will include LED lights, which are normally battery-powered.

Mason jar lights’ size is another good thing about them. Mason jars are tiny, making it possible to scatter several of them throughout a room or wall without any problem.

Light-Up Picture Frame

If you feel like your home is lacking in decor or there is insufficient lighting, both problems can be solved with a light-up photo frame. They are practical and make it easy to fill empty spaces.

Light-up picture frames can add a bohemian feel to your space that no other source of light can. Some of them come with a controller that lets you play with the intensity of light. So, no matter if you want dimmer light or you need more brightness, the picture frame will be there for you.

Any old picture frame would do it. You don’t need something pretentious. Finding a picture frame to fit any home shouldn’t be difficult because they are available in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and sizes.

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Light-Up Letters

A trendy and modern approach to increasing the amount of light in a space is using large metal letters that are illuminated. You can find every letter of the alphabet, so there is no need to worry about it. The letters can be large or even smaller, making it possible to spell out whole words or just the first character of a word. Let your imagination run wild and free.

Letters are not the only thing this concept applies to. There are also other symbols like hearts, arrows, etc. The characters or symbols can be put wherever they want in a room because they are battery-operated. You can hang them on the wall, your bed, or a mirror.

Stick-On Touch Lights

Stick-on LED contact lights are a very inexpensive way to create the appearance of overhead illumination if neither basic lighting sources nor a lamp are options. These lights are very easy to use, and you can put them virtually everywhere in your house. You can put them on the ceiling, or you can put them behind the furniture if you want to create a more sophisticated effect.

While some require pressing a switch or button, most of them are touch-on and touch-off. These lights are an excellent alternative because they can be bought without going over budget since they often cost under $10.

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