9 Best Sewing Kits for 2023


Have you ever realized you’re missing a button on your shirt right before walking into a job interview or an important meeting? Isn’t it extremely annoying when it happens?

Those are usually the situations in which we wished we had some sort of emergency sewing kit on us, but WHO on this planet would ever think this far? Well, you will, next time!

Let’s change that and have a look at some of the best travel-friendly sewing kits on the market. By the way, the whole research on travel-sized sewing kits informed us about all the options that are out there, but also about all the super useful things they have that we never even thought we needed!

Best sewing kits for Home

As we imagined we’re not the only ones who need this info, we made a list of our 15 favorite options, so you’ll have plenty to choose from! So here they are:

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Coquimbo Sewing Kit for Travelers

Have you ever been on the road and suddenly discovered that your good work shirt is missing a couple of buttons, or the seam in your jacket is ripped? Well, in this kind of situation, a sewing kit is definitely the best way to prepare for a missing button.

However, it might be a bit difficult to keep everything you need on hand in a way that’s also space-efficient. Well, that’s why Coquimbo released its amazing travelers’ kit!

Besides its miniature versions of basically everything that you could think of, the kit comes in a practical case that has a very specific place for each item. They are each held together with a very convenient and easy-to-use elastic strap. And the best part is that it only costs $7.

XL Sewing Supplies for DIY Beginners

Aren’t you thrilled by the idea that you can have a tiny kit that you can keep in your basic sewing supplies? Because we found this WeeCosy kit that’s a bit more diverse and larger than others, and we simply can’t get enough of it!

Besides the fact that it has a wider range of thread and all the possible pins, safety pins, sewing needles, trimming scissors, and even measuring tapes that you might ever need, this special kit also comes with darning needles, stitch markers especially made for knitting, and even a crochet hook.

You will be completely prepared to fix any kind of thing while practicing some of your basic DIY skills!

MissLytton Sewing Kit Box

If you’re not interested in looking for a particular type of sewing kit that you can stuff in your suitcase or even have on hand in your crafting bag, wouldn’t you rather find something that would also be a nice gift for a friend of yours who’s also new with this?

If so, we strongly recommend you get this well-stocked wooden box from Miss Lytton!

The things this box has are mostly miniatures, and it definitely doesn’t have all the resources you might need for a bigger sewing project, but it’s still a very good starting point, especially if you’re a beginner. Plus, it has all these convenient things that will make your life so much better if you’d have them on hand!

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ARTIKA Sewing Kit

Have you long been on a nonstop hunt for a more thorough sewing kit that’ll kickstart your hobby? If so, this professional kit might help you with that.

It’s even better if you simply ADORE working with all kinds of colors, as this zipping case from ARTIKA has a little bit of everything you wished for!

The things that made this kit so great were the varied range of colored thread (as the equipment has an impressive total of 38 options) and the inclusion of three different sewing machine feet.

If you want to gift it, it’s the perfect choice for beginners, as we all know that not every sewing machine has several different feet unless you buy them separately!

Sewing KIT Premium Repair Set

If you know what you’re doing and have been sewing for quite some time now, then you definitely considered getting a travel-sized sewing kit for when you have to attend fittings with clients.

If so, then we would strongly suggest you get this piece from VelloStar! As its name suggests, the kit has a “premium” design, with a full range of full-sized supplies inside.

It might be a bit more difficult to carry, but it’s not like it was meant to be a pocket-sized repair kit anyway! One of its most interesting features is that it also has a pair of nail clippers right in the middle, just in case you might need one!

Simthread Machine Embroidery Kit

Rather than searching for a fully stocked sewing kit of needles, and pins, you might want to find something more similar to a complete collection of embroidery threads in different colors, packaged together in one neat place.

If so, then you should definitely look into what Simthread has to offer, because it’s simply AMAZING! The kit can be a wonderful gift for beginners, but also an awesome restock for those who really want to try other colors, besides the old-fashioned neutral staples on hand.

We have to give credit to the way they also included a color chart, but also for those tiered inserts that will help you keep things as organized as possible.

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VelloStar Fashion Emergency Kit

If you’re still wishing for a proper emergency repair kit that you could always have on hand, and you’re looking for something a bit more convenient, then we’re pretty sure that this well-stocked zipping kit from VelloStar will satisfy your needs!

As a matter of fact, the kit was made with workplace fashion emergencies in mind! It is shaped in such a manner, that it can fit in any desk drawer from your office, and it also has a wide range of colors that can be feasibly found in any professional clothing piece, whether we’re talking about suits or blouses!

Mom’s Mini Sewing Kit

Are you the go-to person in your group for any emergency quick-fix clothing repairs? Well, then you must be looking for a nice and cute travel-sized sewing kit to “fit” your needs, right?

We think that this Sew Craft Cook Mom’s Mini Sewing Kit might be exactly what you need! Maybe our favorite part of this kit is the fact that it has been made to meet all requirements, without taking up TOO MUCH space!

Let’s just say that the kit has an iron-on denim patch, in case you need to fix the knees of your jeans!

Emergency Sewing Kit

Colors, colors, colors! If you’re the adventurous type and love taking road trips, and long car rides but you also want to be prepared for the unexpected, then this sewing kit is definitely worth trying!

What I personally love about this Emergency Sewing Kit is that it’s fully stocked with everything you might need along the road, but also has ALL the possible colors you might think of!

It was made for any kind of scenario, camping included. Plus, the kit has the best quality pairs of scissors you might ask for, but also a couple of useful durable plastic clothespin-style clips that will save you in any kind of situation!

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