Want a Kitchen Reno? 8 Best Tips To Fake One


What do you picture your dream kitchen looking like?

Feel free to tell me otherwise, but I think the kitchen is the core of a home. It’s the place where families get together at night to eat a delicious meal (and we all know that food brings people together), the place where you make your beloved cup of java in the morning, or the place where you prepare all the delicious things to impress your guests with.

So it’s necessary that the heart of the house looks good and fresh all the time. Speaking of that, nothing makes a bigger impact when it comes to home renovations than a fresh new kitchen— but we all know how expensive it is. If a new cook’s room isn’t something you plan on changing any time soon, you still have plenty of choices on how to DIY it.

Whether you want to do these simple and budget-friendly remodeling chores on your own or hire a professional to do it for you, these are the best methods to fake a kitchen makeover. Here’s how:

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1. Change your knobs

Swapping out old door handles and knobs with new ones has to be one of the most well-known budget kitchen remodeling hacks. It’s affordable, so there’s a GOOD reason for this: it works and it looks amazing.

If you upgrade to new, fresh, and contemporary hardware, it will immediately improve the appearance of your kitchen. And it doesn’t get much simpler in terms of home DIY tasks: it’s not hard at all and you can invite all your family members to join you in this project.

You can purchase whatever model you like, and if you don’t like the color, you can simply get some paint from your nearest shop and customize them to fit your needs and desires.

2. Change your lighting

You’re cooking and preparing all those healthy and delicious foods; you add your favorite spices and condiments; and then you do the dishes. However, you feel like there’s something missing there, and uhh, you don’t know exactly what.

Well, according to interior designers, nothing ages a kitchen like outdated lighting fixtures. The rest of the room might look good and be top-notch, but if the lighting isn’t good, it can distract the viewer, and not in a good way.

You can install some trendy pendant lighting over a peninsula, add under-cabinet lighting to your cabinets, and make sure you have enough light to make your kitchen more useful. Improved lighting not only boosts the appearance of the area but also makes cooking and then cleaning up simpler.

3. Add a new backsplash

Backsplashes are a great kitchen accessory because they protect your walls from spills and splatters. They make cleaning your cooking area much simpler since you don’t have to worry about grease stains on the walls. I love it when I don’t have to spend hours and hours cleaning a messy kitchen.

But easy maintenance isn’t their only pro. A good-looking backsplash can also bring a lot of elegance to your kitchen. It will make it look fresh, exciting, and more put-together. And you sure love it when something simple brings a lot to the table.

Consider a new, fresh design or color if you currently have a backsplash but it’s looking old-fashioned. If you’re scared to do such a drastic change or want a simpler DIY job, there are lots of temporary backsplash solutions available, so do your research and let those creative ideas flow.

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4. What about an open shelf?

If you look in any home decor magazines, you’ve probably noticed that open kitchen shelving is the new rage, and to be honest, I really like it. However, I have to admit and say that they might gather dust since there’s no door to protect the things there, but the look is pretty.

If you want open kitchen shelving but don’t have the cash to replace your cabinets, I know exactly what you can do. Consider putting some on a single wall, replacing 1 section of cabinetry, or filling up an empty corner in your kitchen. Whichever solution you choose, it will add storage as well as flair to the area, making it look new and stylish.

You can also store more visually appealing products, such as special occasion dishes or bright cookware, on your open shelves. You can even add a small plant, your favorite cookbooks, or a nice selection of tea.

5. Add a splash of paint

There’s NOTHING a little splash of paint can’t fix! If you want to give your kitchen a big makeover, you can add a new coat of paint to the walls to make everything look fresh, nice, and simply FABULOSO!

But if you want to keep things simple, you can only paint your cabinets – it’s still going to make a huge difference. I get it, it’s quite expensive to completely change your cabinets, although the end result is stunning and it makes everything look new. However, if yours is still in great condition, a complete replacement doesn’t make sense, especially if you don’t have the budget for it.

In order to freshen up your room, think of adding some extra to your cabinets, such as a fresh and new splash of paint. You can simply (and quickly) transform old wood into that lovely contemporary aesthetic you’ve been dreaming of with a simple coat of paint. With new knobs and handles, no one will be able to tell the cabinets are the same, but you’ll be saving tons and tons and tons of money!

6. Upgrade your storage space

Aside from aesthetics, one of the main reasons people remodel their kitchens is to make a practical room usable and attractive at the same time. If your kitchen is not what you want in terms of organization, you might want to think about how you store things.

You can add drawer dividers and under-sink storage to put all of your utensils. You can also pick up a condiment organizer to arrange your spices in a simple way and organize your pantry. Not only will organizing your kitchen help you have easier access to all of your items, but it might also give it the appearance of being fresh and new.

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7. Get some new fixtures

You can almost immediately update your kitchen’s style by replacing a few more items, rather than just the door knobs and lights. When it comes to remodeling the entire area, plumbing fixtures like the faucet and sink are also quite simple swaps that are more likely to give your kitchen an immediate makeover and a fresh look.

Replace any boring and dated faucets with more contemporary ones that complement the rest of your decor, and replace your ooold sink with something prettier and more functional. You don’t have to purchase the most expensive items you find on the market, something simple and budget-friendly will do the trick just fine.

…Remember that sometimes trends have nothing to do with being useful and practical, so don’t be tempted to choose something just because it looks good.

8. Don’t forget to accessorize

Accessories are the key to making everything look good and stylish! Whether we talk about outfits or interior design, accessories are the one thing that shouldn’t be missing from anything. You know what the experts say: they can make or break the look of an item, so choose them carefully.

Let’s not keep this any longer, because you probably know that accessorizing is one of the fastest and best ways to add extra flare to your kitchen. If you have a stylish coffee machine, for instance, try displaying it if you have enough counter space. It will serve as a great decor item, which means that you won’t have to spend any extra money, but it will also make you happier in the morning when you’ll make your cup of java faster.

You can also add decor highlights such as plants, a colorful dish, or a little artwork lying on a shelf. These simple details will make your area look like it’s straight from a magazine, and they’ll also make cooking more enjoyable.

If you don’t have the money for a new floor but think that with a little DIY it could be improved, you’re right. All you need to do is to lay down a nice rug that could make a big difference, although it might not seem like it at 1st.

Choose one that’s soft and has a color combination that matches your design and that also won’t allow dirt, germ, and bacteria to show off, and you’ll have the perfect kitchen!

…What do you think about these 8 tips that will help you fake a kitchen renovation? Would you try any of them? 

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