8 High-End Ways to Hang Your Plants at Home


Since the COVID-19 pandemic started and I was forced to spend more time indoors I wanted to create an oasis on my apartment balcony, which is why I decided to grow and display my favorite plants. Because I started to have too many pots and the space was limited, I had to think of creative ways to store them.

And what was the best idea that came to mind? “Perhaps I should hang them!” Why? For example, the corners of my balcony are empty areas that, when filled with hanging plants, can bring a pop of color into the space. So I grabbed my tools and got to work, and you won’t believe how terrific the final results were! Now I am thinking about putting two chairs on the balcony to create a comfy spot for my morning coffee.

Since I am here to help you, I’ve put together a collection of inventive plant hanging solutions, including wooden pegs, macramé holders, towel bars, and hanging baskets, in an effort to encourage you and provide you with inspiration for your own home. Let’s get started!

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1. Build a slatted plant wall

To make an eye-catching green paneling in your kitchen or balcony, use colorful pots (preferably of the same hue) and place them symmetrically all over the wall. When I first saw this idea in a household magazine, there were only scattered pictures of the final results but no cues on how to fix them properly. But I did a bit of research, and today I am here to help you and give you indications regarding this idea.

Depending on where you want your flowers to be hung (a wall or wainscoting), the process may differ a bit, but in both cases, the main tool you need is a potent medium-sized drill. Calculate the number of holes you have to make according to how many pots you have. Generally, you will need two small holes for each. Then place the holder ring on the wall and fix it with a screw. Put your pots over it, and voilà! You have your potholders ready to be seen and admired by everybody who comes over for a visit.

To create a cohesive look, choose pots that are the same color as your rug or your furniture.

2. Bottle planters

Since I’ve tried to be more friendly with the environment and I want to recycle as much as possible, I’ve incorporated a lot of plastic bottles into my household and tried to find various uses for each of them. And one of the ideas that came to mind when I was on my way to redecorate my balcony was to use a couple of bottles cut in half as planters or pots, to which I would eventually add a layer of paint to make them look more lively.

3. Wall-mounted basket

Baskets are a fantastic way to add depth and a natural touch, and they also make a wonderful container for growing plants! A great, full plant that enjoys a basket, such as a staghorn fern, can be kept in a single larger-sized basket that is hung on the wall in your balcony or, why not, in your living room.

Depending on how big your space is, you can create an asymmetrical arrangement with 3 or 5 baskets, where two of them are smaller than the other 3, or vice versa.

4. Get creative with a wide mirror

Did you know that a classic, oversized mirror can be an interesting way to hang your plants? A plant can be hung close to a mirror to increase the illusion of greenery and let light play around the room. Because, as I previously mentioned, I have a lot of plants in my home and eventually I had to spread them around the house since the balcony was a bit limited, I decided to keep some in my bedroom too. One of them is my cute little vine, which I tried to make blend in with the décor of the room as a whole by wrapping it around the border of the mirror.

Don’t forget to buy a solid pot for your plants if you plan on following this idea! Vine, for example, tends to grow very long, and it needs a proper space for it.

5. Use a clothing rack

Because I love being creative and I usually think outside the box, another weird but easy-to-make idea came across my mind: “What if I use my clothing rack to hang my plants without drilling the walls?” If it’s not your home and you’re not allowed to make changes, or if you’re not comfortable with using a drill, this amazing hack is perfectly suited for you and your needs!

By doing this, you will absolutely make everything easier for both space and watering. In my case, this rack allowed me to keep almost 10 plants in the same place. To avoid forming mold in your room, buy a plant humidifier and place it at the bottom of the rack. I bought mine from Amazon last year at a bargain price, and I totally recommend it.

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6. Bring the greenery into your bathroom

If you have a bathroom full of monochromatic tiles and you’re looking for a way to distract the eye from the symmetry, hang two or three flower pots. Aside from being a lovely addition to any bathroom (large or small), many plants thrive in humid environments; furthermore, they can also purify the air and efficiently eliminate the extra moisture and bacteria that can form on the walls.

For more inspiration on this topic, you may want to check out this article too!

7. Replace the floor plants with tiered hanging planters

You can easily enhance the look of an empty wall in your living room by simply hanging your favorite plants. Instead of keeping them on the floor, this mechanism allows you to hang more than one plant in one place.

In my case, I did it for three aloe vera plants that had grown so much in the previous year that they were practically melting out of their pots, and in case you weren’t aware, you could easily step on their leaves. And after I moved them, they seemed to enjoy the new place even more. Happy plant, happy owner!

8. “S” Hooks

These types of hooks are probably some of the easiest ways to hang your beloved flowers. You can use these hooks to hang the pots on a rail, a hook, or a rack. They are also budget-friendly! They come in packages in a variety of colors and sizes, perfect for your needs. And compared to the previous suggestions, there is honestly no simpler or more affordable method to display your plants, and I adore the many ways they can be used in the house. My curtain rod works perfectly with S hooks to suspend my plants!

The pothos and philodendron, for example, are two common houseplants for beginners because they require little maintenance and are ideal for hanging.

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