15 Simple and Amazing Ways to Reuse Jars for Home Decoration 


Have you ever wondered why you should hold on to a bunch of jars that might be cluttering your pantry? Here are a few creative ways to decorate your home with empty jars. And you’ll be surprised because they’re all practical and pretty easy to make.

If you’re ready for an amazing DIY project that you will love to do with your kids or grandkids, keep reading because it’s going to be a lot of fun. Prepare your tools because, these ideas might be your jam!

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1. Organize office supplies with jars

Keeping your pens, pencils, scissors, and other office supplies organized was never an easy task! That’s why an old jar can be easily turned into an organizer. Store rubber bands, paper clips, pens, markers, notepads, and other office supplies in glass jars of various sizes.

Decorate the glass jars in your office to fit your existing décor and match the colors of the room, but also to add some elegance.

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2. Organize your pantry

In any kitchen that produces zero waste, jars are the ideal complement to the pantry. When purchasing dry foods in bulk, such as beans, pasta, and rice, reuse large jars to keep them properly. For this, big pickle jars work beautifully!

Glass jars can also be used for holding tea leaves, storing snacks, storing spices, and other things that come to mind.

3. Use them as vases for your favorite flowers

Empty glass jars are fantastic for decorative purposes, especially the old ones that have a vintage aspect! One fantastic option to incorporate an old jar into your home décor is to use it as a flower vase. To keep it simple, fill a basic jar with flowers, plants, or succulents.

Alternatively, you might get creative and accessorize it with a cute painting. Painting straight on glass is a great use for chalk paint.

4. Candle holders

Tealight candles in jars can be used as a straightforward candle holder. If you want to move the candle while it is burning, you can even build a cute handle out of string because the glass might be hot to the touch. What a neat idea, right?

5. Drinking glasses

Are you hosting a party? Instead of purchasing throwaway cups, get your glass jars out. As long as they are easy to drink from, you can use a range of sizes and forms. This prevents waste from disposable items and gives a table a distinctive appearance. They work well for storing smoothies, iced coffee, juice, or water.

If you don’t finish it, cover it and put it back in the refrigerator! It’s far superior to reusing a standard cup, which could spoil in the refrigerator. Additionally, I enjoy putting the morning’s leftover coffee in glass jars to be later used to create iced coffee.

6. Store your vacation souvenirs

Have you ever been on vacation and brought back a few souvenirs that weren’t compact enough for the album but that you still wanted to keep because they look cute? To speak for myself, if I travel to a beach location, I always collect shells and stones with different shapes and colors.

You can create a trip down memory lane by using a glass jar. Place it on a shelf with a few souvenirs from the tour and a picture with your favorite location from the city you’ve visited inside it. Neat, right?

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7. Festive garlands

This is an amazing hack that you and your family are going to love! Christmas is definitely the best part of the year, when everyone comes together with a lot of gifts and a big table with a lot of delicious foods. But let’s not forget about decorations!

Last year, I’ve made a DIY project with a couple of old jars and a light garland. It only took 10 minutes to assemble everything, and the results were jaw-dropping! Look for a few small jars (the ones used for Nutella samples or sauces) and remove their labels.

After they’re completely clean, put inside each one a small pine cone or a small, plastic Christmas tree and glue it to the bottom. You could pierce them on top with a light bulb if you kept their lids. You can either hang them or simply put them on your dinner table.

8. Bathroom supplies organizer

Repurpose a mason jar to hold bathroom essentials like toothbrushes, cosmetics, and makeup brushes. Glass jars are ideal for little bathroom essentials like hair ties, makeup, nail clippers, etc. because you can quickly and conveniently see what’s inside.

9. Homemade products

My grandma used to make homemade sauces and other tasty foods that were usually preserved better in glass jars. And because I loved the idea, I wanted to have the same habit in my house as well.

If you’re one of those crafty people who like to make their own homemade products, you should know that hard glass jars are very good for keeping moisturizers and body scrubs, too.

10. Gift holders

Glass jars can also be repurposed by serving as gift containers. Add gifts like baked goods, jams, or soaps, then bow-decorate. You can try a lot of various eco-friendly gift wrapping options, like this one!

11. Herbs and spice holder

Who doesn’t like an organized pantry? Spices and herbs should be kept in tiny jars. If you have a sufficient number of identical jars, you may create a more stable appearance, and they are superior to storing in plastic. Furthermore, they typically stack more neatly to take up less room.

12. Freezer containers

We use our glass jars in the freezer quite often because they keep the flavors intact even after a while. Just make sure the jar has adequate “head room” at the top to prevent breaking. Vegetables and other foods that you would like to serve fresh later in the winter can be easily stored.
Are you aware of this hack? Tell us in the comments section.

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13. Make yourself a cute terrarium

A terrarium is a small, enclosed space where ivy and other plants can grow successfully and is a creative way to decorate your home. A lidded glass jar loaded with colored pebbles, raw stones, and other natural elements can be used to grow glass jar terrariums. Plus, they look pretty cool!

14. Sewing kit

Make a handy sewing kit out of a glass jar. Inside a glass jar, properly store your needles, thread, and other supplies. To make a pincushion, cover the top of the jar with padding and your choice of fabric. This kit also works well as a present!

15. Party favors

One cute way to say “thank you” to your party guests is with a straightforward glass jar. Place mementos from the event, such as party favors and a personalized thank-you note, in the glass jar. The favors should match the colorful candies or other delicacies that guests can later enjoy.

Furthermore, glass jars might be the ideal accent to your yearly Halloween party. And your guests will be both pleased and surprised at the same time.

For a more customized favor present or placeholder, fill a wide-mouth glass jar with snacks for the partygoers and write the attendees’ names on the outside using glass-safe paint. Glass jar favors are also ideal for occasions like baby or bridal showers. For guests to take home, choose a small glass jar and fill it with candies or mints.

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