5 Cheap Hacks to Make Your Bedroom Look Expensive


With these amazing hacks, your bedroom will look and feel wonderful! 

Last summer, a couple of weeks after I returned from the longest vacation I’ve had in years, I suddenly wanted to change things a little bit to look like the room from the Airbnb I checked in to. Everything, from the cloud-like pillows to the cozy sheets and the super cool rug, was beyond expectations.

And because I fell hopelessly in love with the marine decoration and the color of the walls, I wanted to try something different, which was to bring “a piece” of sunshine from the vacation right into our bedroom. You’re probably concerned about the cost of everything right now, but let me tell you a secret: You don’t need to pay an arm and a leg to do a full makeover to your bedroom!

Continue reading to find out how many small things you can do with these expert hacks to make your space look like it’s from a fancy, luxurious hotel!

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1. Overstuff your pillows

You really can’t believe how eager I am to share with you all these tips and tricks! Since I am always ready for a change and I like to improve the look of my home as much as possible with every changing season, I read a lot of stuff about how you can make my dream come true with a small amount of money. Because nowadays, you know how much everything costs!

One of the first things I want to share with you is how to fluff your pillows to make them look more lively. Over time, things like pillows and blankets tend to flatten. If that happened to you too and your first thought was to change them, stop right there!

Every single morning I have a ritual after I get out of bed: I plump my decorative pillows to make them look more high-end. Place your sleeping pillows beneath the covers, lean them against the bedhead, and place your decorative pillows on top. And don’t be afraid to go overboard with them! If the color of your walls is beige or white, choose decorative pillows in a bold hue to create a focal point in the room.

How many decorative pillows do you have at home?

2. Add more personality to your nightstand

This is one of my favorite hacks from the list, so keep reading because you’ll end up liking it too, and you’re definitely going to try it later on!

I am totally in love with my nightstand, even if it’s small. I originally purchased it to store my books, my glasses, and a tiny lamp, but unfortunately I ended up using it to store everything I had on my hand before going to bed.

But because I managed to get rid of the clutter from the whole room, this place couldn’t be neglected, right? I wanted to give my bedroom a fresh look with a minimalist approach. And no, forget about replacing the nightstand because I bought it one or two years ago, and it would be a pity to waste money like that! So, what did I do?

While I was browsing to get my inspiration, I read a couple of articles that were life-changing for me, and one of the most famous designers recommended that in order to give your room an opulent vibe, you must put a little bit of effort into adjusting the style of the nightstand. Say no more! I kept the lamp, but I also added a small cactus and a picture of my daughter. You won’t believe how amazing my nightstand looks now!

In the end, I was super happy with the results, and meanwhile, because I am a crafty person and I love playing with stuff around the house, I also changed the drawer knobs with some blue ones to add a splash of color to them. And this makeover cost me less than $8.

3. Royal-like blanket statement

We can agree that one thing all luxurious hotel rooms have in common is a well-made bed. They all look so royal and cozy that you would instantly want to jump on them. Unless they don’t have any specific rules, make sure you do that at least once. I can guarantee it’s super fun! However, if you can’t afford to buy expensive blankets or linens to make your bedroom look more fancy, don’t worry because I have the perfect hack for you!

Instead of blowing your budget and buying a new cover, consider using the one that you already have at home. And if it happens to be in a bold color, even better! A large, bulky blanket spread on your bed will divert attention from some worn-out linens.

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4. Reposition your artwork

For what else is the artwork made if not to be seen? I bought some amazing paintings from a local artist a few years ago and kept them in the basement because they didn’t seem to fit with the rest of the décor. But soon after I repainted the walls in a brighter color (yellow), I brought them into my bedroom.

A lot of you may ask, “But why in the bedroom, Carol?” Well, besides being one of my favorite places in the house, this is the room where I retreat after a long and busy day. This is my private space, where I stay to enjoy reading a good book or to recharge my batteries for another day. That’s why I want it to look as comfy and welcoming as possible.

This is just another hack that isn’t supposed to cost you a fortune, because if you don’t own any paintings, you can always hang on the walls some family pictures that you love, or your grandchildren’s first day of school, or even the moments you caught on camera last vacation.

If you want to make your bedroom look even more interesting, you can always choose to cover one of the walls in a different color, or if it’s more convenient for you, with wallpaper.

5. Upgrade the dresser

…and by upgrading, I don’t mean replacing it! Like the nightstand, your dresser is one piece of furniture that helps you keep things organized. Think about it this way: The hardware serves as a decorative item for your bedroom. A new set of locks or handles on your dresser can revitalize the entire space, just as a large pair of pearls or a statement necklace can make an otherwise boring outfit more interesting.

You can easily upgrade the look of your bedroom by replacing the old knobs with new ones that look more aesthetically pleasing. In my case, I replaced the knobs on my nightstand drawers with blue ones and the knobs on my dresser drawers with a pair of copper ones. All I needed was a screwdriver and 30 minutes.

What do you think about all these hacks? Are you willing to try at least one of them to improve the overall look of your bedroom?

If you want to give your home a fresh new look this year, stay tuned and subscribe to our page! We have a lot of articles that will guide you through this amazing but also challenging journey of renovation. We promise to help you with all the necessary advice you may need!

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