9 Gorgeous Ways to Display Plants in Your Bathroom


Do you have any plants in your bathroom?

The majority of people like having flowers in their homes since they make the space more elegant and welcoming. Plants are lovely, and there are so many various kinds, sizes, and colors that everyone can find at least 1 they enjoy.

Even though they’re pretty, colorful, and fun to have around, there is an unspoken rule that states they shouldn’t be displayed in every area of the house. We don’t agree with this one. Plants are beautiful, and they look good everywhere you put them.

They can turn even the most basic room into something elegant and sophisticated while providing a little extra cheer. Aside from that, plants not only add color and beauty to their surroundings, but they also clean the air.

We put plants in our bedrooms and living rooms, so why not our bathrooms? Having plants in the bathroom is a great way to improve air quality and reduce stress and anxiety. Evaluate the light conditions and average temperature in the washroom before deciding on a plant species.

Filling every nook and cranny with plants is a terrific way to change the appearance of your bathroom without breaking the bank on a complete remodel.

There are certain decorative species that aren’t too snobby to maintain in a washroom, despite the fact that some people claim it’s difficult to do so due to the room’s limited humidity, light, and temperature. If this sounds appealing, continue reading to learn about ways you can place and style them to complement the decor of your bathroom.

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1. Create a large display

If you want to give your shrubs front-and-center attention, consider a hanging shelf. Not only does this wire shelf allow them to receive the precious light they need, but it also creates a fun focal point for the bathroom.

When it comes to styling your washroom with some pretty shrubs, think outside the box—shelves, tables, or even ladders can be great vessels for your favorite greenery.

2. Pop of color

If your bathroom is white, gray, neutral, or black, it can seem a bit boring. You don’t have to break your piggy bank to style it with something colorful and delicate. Test the light and the temperature of your bathroom and choose a shrub that fits your design.

For instance, in addition to a general sense of buoyancy, the combination of eucalyptus and a vivid rose lends an air of vitality to the composition. When you have company around or just want to spruce up the bathroom a little, fresh flowers are a terrific way to do so.

3. Green shower

What could be better than plants that need little care? Count us in! There are many low-maintenance plants, and what’s amazing about them is that they almost never need watering at all. You can choose a pretty cactus, a snake plant, a pothos, a ponytail palm, a string of pearls, or so many others.

While you wait for your deep conditioner to work, you can admire your bathroom plants placed on an industrial pipe shower shelf. If you don’t like this idea, instead of installing shelves, you can set a few plant pots on the tub’s ledges for a similar effect.

…Tip: If you like eucalyptus, you’ll be happy to hear that putting it in your shower has amazing health benefits. It can help you release stress, relax, reduce pain, and get rid of any respiratory problems or sinusitis.

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4. Put them on a shelf

Shelves are not only practical for your kitchen, bedroom, or living room, but they’re also amazing for bathrooms. You can use them to store your shower products, like conditioner and shampoo, hair masks, or creams and serums.

However, it can be pretty boring to look at a shelf that only contains body-care products, so you can break the image with the help of a pretty flower. If you want a little extra, you can install a shelf that is full of small pots of shrubs. Jungle vibes, anyone? We love it!

…PS: If you know where to put your shelf, you can enjoy having plenty of plants without overwhelming the area!

5. Make use of the corners

Who said that you need a ton of space in your bathroom to make it look natural and stylish? If you have a bathtub, you can turn the whole area into a relaxing and cozy spa. Place a water-loving plant (like a spider plant) inside your shower, add a few drops of essential oils, light a candle, and get ready to wind down!

This tip is especially effective if your tub is deep and has rounded edges. If you have a shower but still want a plant, you can get a small one and put it on your vanity. It might be tiny, but it will be a nice touch.

6. Fill an empty space

If you’re lucky enough to have a spacious bathroom (we envy you), there’s a chance that you lack a special element to tie everything together. A huge floor plant is a terrific finishing touch for a huge bathroom that doesn’t have enough details.

Not only does it serve as a focal point, but it also helps you fill empty space in an exciting new manner. Don’t forget to water it and get ready to have a fresh and green bathroom! Morning energizing, evening relaxation!

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7. Matchy-matchy

We love it when things go hand in hand and look coordinated and stylish. So why limit the matchy-matchy process to your living room? Your bathroom deserves as much attention as every other area in your home.

If you want to take your decor game to a whole new level, you can coordinate the color of your walls with the foliage of a plant. Shrubs are a wonderful complement to a room’s gorgeous paint.

Think about getting some indoor plants that complement your existing style. A spider plant or aloe vera, for instance, might complement the clean lines and simple details of a contemporary bathroom. The end result will make you feel like you’re in the bathroom of a fancy hotel.

8. Pegboard

Do you like pegboards? We have a fun idea for you. Why don’t you install a pegboard that’s filled with pretty plants? It will look stunning in any bathroom, and it will give it a fancy look.

A shrub pegboard is 1 of our favorite ways to put a pegboard to use at home. The time required to complete this project is limited to only 1 afternoon, and every member of the family can join. Just have a pegboard made to fit and use baskets to hold your plants.

9. On the ceiling

Who said that plants should only be put on the floor or on a table? They can look wonderful when hanging from the ceiling, so you surely don’t want to miss this amazing decor trend.

Speaking of that, it’s possible to add some greenery to a room even if you are limited in the amount of floor or shelf space you have. There’s not that much work involved either; you just hang some plant baskets from the ceiling and allow them to work their magic.

…What do you think about adding plants to your bathroom? Do you find this idea interesting or do you prefer seeing them in your living room or in the garden? Tell us in the comments!

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