6 DIY Projects You’ll Love to Take on in Retirement


Are you a fan of DIY projects?

If you’ve just retired, there’s a huge possibility that you have no idea what to do with so much free time. I was there too. I remember that I was so excited to finally retire and say goodbye to my old desk job. I was sick of waking up before the sun, only to squeeze a little workout in, have breakfast, freshen up, get dressed, and walk to work.

When I was thinking of retirement, I used to imagine myself being on vacation all the time, cooking for my family daily, going out, walking in the park, playing with my pups, and so many other things—you get the idea.

But truth be told, after a couple of months, I got bored and started to wonder what I was doing with my life. I felt like I didn’t have a purpose, and each day was the same. And that was the exact moment when I remembered how passionate I was about arts and crafts when I was younger.

So what did you think I decided to do? Well, I told myself that it was the perfect time to embrace my DIY-lover side and pick up a few projects for my new life as a retiree.

If you feel like you’re stuck and have no idea where your life is taking you, don’t worry; this is only a transition moment. But if you want to get a little creative and explore all the amazing things you can do by yourself, I strongly encourage you to try DIY projects.

They’re fun and easy, and they’ll make your life happier and your house more beautiful. Here are some of my favorite DIY projects you can take on in retirement:

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1. Coloring and painting

If you think that coloring and painting are boring activities that are suitable for children while they’re in school, you’re wrong. Wait till you see what incredible DIY ideas I have for you.

What do you think about having some beautiful and colorful artwork to display around your house? They’re typically expensive, especially if you buy them from a popular artist, but if you DIY them, they’re very budget-friendly.

You can either keep things simple and classic and purchase some painting paper or an adult coloring book, but if you’re feeling a tad extra —and I encourage you to be—grab an old mirror and paint on it. If you don’t have inspiration, you can go on Pinterest or Instagram and find everything you need there.

If you want to decorate your garden but your terracotta pots look chipped and old, give them a quick makeover and paint little flowers, birds, or anything else that you like on them. Don’t think that you have to color inside the lines; do exactly what you want, and you’ll have the time of your life!

2. Build a birdhouse

This DIY project isn’t exactly the simplest, but it will make you feel wonderful doing it! I don’t know about you, but I love hearing the birds chirp in the morning at my window. I feel like I’m Snow White, and I live in a gorgeous little cottage in the woods, and nature is my friend. So why not make this a reality?

Grab some wood pieces, a hammer, and some nails, and let’s get this party started! However, if you don’t know how to properly DIY a birdhouse, you can go to the nearest store and pick up a kit. If you think of doing this, leave a comment down below and tell me how this whole thing went.

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3. Knitting or crocheting crafts

Now that you have a lot of extra time in your day, what do you think about surprising your grandchildren with the most amazing sweaters, warm and comfy socks, or blankets? If you know how to knit or crochet, you can easily DIY some clothing items or accessories for them.

You can pick up the materials from an arts and crafts store in your neighborhood, choose the colors that you like, and make the most amazing presents. If you don’t have the proper technique, there are a lot of tutorials on YouTube, so you’re covered. Trust me, the little ones, and even the big ones, are going to adore these things!

You can also crochet some pillowcases to give your bedroom a makeover, and you can even gift them to your friends and family. See, this DIY project is definitely 1 you should try ASAP!

4. Photos

If you’ve been with us for a while, you already know that we’re strong believers that a gallery wall is a great feature to add to any home, especially if you’re looking for an easy and affordable way to spice up your home decor game.

Don’t waste these beautiful moments wondering what you do with so much free time. Look through your camera’s photo roll and choose the photos you like the most. You can also search through old photo albums to find the ones that spark joy. Put all of them into a pile and turn them into small or larger collages that you can hang throughout the house.

Now that you know the exact place where each photo should go, you can go to a random store (Dollar Tree has amazing photo frames that are pretty and also budget-friendly, so check it out) and pick up some stylish photo frames. You can either display them in every room, or you can create a gallery wall in the hallway or in the living room.

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5. Tree ornaments

Whether you’re a Christmas enthusiast or you want to decorate the trees in your garden, I have the perfect DIY for you. Go to a craft store near you and pick up a few supplies: glue, colored paper, glitter, and a few ribbons.

You can create whatever ornament you like, such as a colorful and pretty bow, a Christmas globe, an ornament in the shape of a bird, and so many other things. If you want to take it up a notch, you can put those painting skills to good use and turn your DIY projects into works of art.

6. Clay jewelry

This is probably my favorite 1 from this list because it’s stylish, fashionable, and also sustainable. If you’re into fashion, you probably know that nowadays, the old things are in again, and everyone is striving for natural beauty, clean and polished outfits, and simple, but pretty pieces of jewelry.

If you want to be trendy or if you simply don’t want to spend a lot of money on jewelry, you can easily DIY them in the comfort of your own home, while you listen to your favorite podcast. This is multitasking at its finest.

However, this project isn’t as simple as others that are mentioned in this article, but you don’t have to be a pro to do it either. But you’ll have to go shopping for this one since you need “ingredients” like jewelry pliers, polymer clay, super glue, and clay cutters.

There are many YouTube tutorials for making stunning jewelry pieces at home, and you’ll find plenty of videos for everything that you want to create, from earrings, and rings to bracelets—everything is included!

…If you think of trying any of these DIY projects I shared with you, make sure you leave a comment down below and tell me if you liked it or not! 

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