Turn Your Staircase Into a Work of Art With These 10 Brilliant Hacks!


Despite having a lot of potential to be a focal point because they are typically centrally positioned, connect different rooms and floors, and frequently include some of the best craftsmanship in a house, staircases are one of the least thought about locations in a home.

Continue reading as we reveal some of the simplest ways to give a staircase flair and style. Some of them are easy-peasy DIY ideas that don’t take much time, while others require a bit of investment. But none of them are going to cost you a fortune because, after all, we all love being a bit more FRUGAL!

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1. Add underside in rainbow colors

If you’re a fan of colors, then don’t stop at choosing just one! Colors are part of our lives, and each of them symbolizes something. One of the best makeovers for your staircase is definitely this soothing color scheme, which because of its pastels can give a calming effect to the space.

According to various interior designers, this color palette is appropriate for any decoration, including farmhouse aesthetics. You should absolutely give this concept a try in the future if you want to bring a steady ray of sunlight into your house!

2. Go green!

I don’t know what other affordable yet good-looking opportunity exists to give your staircase a makeover better than adding a few plants. Even if your stairs are not placed in the brightest corner of your house, there are a lot of plants that can easily adapt and survive in low-light conditions.

It is well known that plants have several health advantages since they release more oxygen and absorb dangerous air contaminants. They also improve your mood, making it a little bit simpler to climb and descend stairs.

3. Classic black and white (with a functional or decorative chalkboard wall)

If your staircase leads to the attic or even to your bedroom that means it is close to a wall. To benefit from both the stairs and the wall you can create a black and white pattern on each step along with a chalkboard mounted on the wall.

While you go upstairs you can write short messages for your family as reminders or cute and inspirational quotes to make your day brighter. And if you have kids or grandkids encourage their creativity and let them create some art pieces that can give your home a more welcoming look.

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4. Consider changing your handrails

Changing the handrails would be a significant change that would make a strong impression. In just a weekend (because this project won’t take longer than this), a fresh coat of paint can transform the space, or you might find the update you’ve been waiting for by installing something brand-new!

It’s easy to update the appearance of your wood stairs by selecting a new railing style or replacing the supports with new ones that seem a little different. The thing is, you don’t have to be a pro to make these small changes on your own! And trust me, the final results will be more than satisfying.

5. Add fabric

The days of thinking of a wall-to-wall carpet climbing the stairs as a fashionable stair runner are long gone. A more modern stair runner will contrast with the flooring or tread material and allow the stair step to only be covered at the edges rather than the entire width. To make a statement, think about using a striking color or pattern.

The key is to use something sticky, like a pad or a stair-safe glue solution, with a sticky back. You’ll want to maintain that fabric addition secured in order to safeguard your staircase and avoid falls.

6. Use baskets

One way to take serious advantage of your staircase is when you can decorate it with things (if it’s wide enough) or use it as storage space. And how are we going to do it? Well, baskets are one good in-hand option.

Besides the fact that you can use them to store toys, umbrellas, or other items you want to grab whenever you’re in a hurry, they look cute and improve the look of the staircase. Place your baskets up against the wall so people can access the banister and go up and down safely. Isn’t it a neat idea?

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7. Change the lighting

There is nothing gloomier than a dark stairwell, so good lighting is essential in any space. Remove that dull light fixture and install a statement-making one in its place. You’ll be astounded at how a sculptural or eye-catching light fixture may transform that area! Maybe you won’t need any other modifications to your staircase if you make this change.

If you are lucky and your staircase is placed against an exterior wall and you don’t feel like adding artificial lighting, think about adding a window or skylight to the area.

Natural light is usually beneficial and preferable, especially in cramped areas like some staircases, since it gives a closed-off room a feeling of space.

8. Make a home office

In the past three years, we have been forced to stay mostly indoors, and because of that, a lot of people have taken the opportunity to refresh the look of their homes. Most of us had to move our offices into the living room, and that wasn’t a huge issue until we had to meet our co-workers on Zoom. The fun begins! Kids were playing in the background, the spouse had an online meeting as well, and everything became a cramped space in the blink of an eye.

If you have the necessary space under your staircase, you can improvise a home office. To make room for a small workstation and organized wall space, remove the doors and some of the wall (if it’s safe to do so).

If having an office won’t be practical in your home, you might want to design a small playground for children instead. They will be more than happy to recreate some things from the Harry Potter movie, which both adults and children loved!

9. Restore the wood

Refinishing the stairs softly to preserve their attractiveness is definitely worthwhile if you have the time and the steps still have their natural wood grain. Why not draw attention to your staircase, which is frequently one of your home’s finest examples of craftsmanship?

Don’t worry, because you won’t have to spend a lot of money on this makeover! Just be careful and pick a water-based floor paint that can be easily applied directly to your wooden stairs and directly over old varnish.

10. Incorporate artwork

You can never go wrong with some incredible paintings or other handmade artwork! Any wall can benefit from art hanging to add character and make a space feel lived-in and thoughtful, but artwork on a staircase is especially significant because it can frequently be seen from several rooms and levels in a home.

Whether it’s on the landing of a staircase or spaced out as you go up or down, think about where the artwork will have the greatest impact. If paintings are not your thing, you can also decorate the walls with family portraits or any other pictures that remind you of important moments from your life.

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