9 Ways to Create Gorgeous Accent Walls in Any Room


A wall that stands out from all the rest by having a different color, tint, design, or material is known as an “accent wall.” When you walk into a room, the accent wall should be the very first thing you see. Depending on how your space is laid out, it can be the wall closest to the fireplace or the biggest wall.

Make sure there are no light fixtures or other obstructions on the wall you choose to serve as your accent wall. You need it to be clean and empty, just like a canvas before you start painting on it.

Starting your accent wall now? Let’s now go over these suggestions.

Try a Bold Color

Use color to draw attention to your wall. It’s a common practice to paint a wall a bright color to make it stand out from the others, and it’s a fantastic concept. However, there are other ways to make a wall stand out from the rest besides sticking to one color. A striped wall, textured paint, or wallpaper might add more to your décor concept if you want to become a little more creative and go beyond choosing a plain color. The finishing touch for your wall should not be overlooked.

Give a painted wall a unique touch because otherwise it will just be a plain wall, and we don’t want this. Examples include a decorative mirror, a lovely piece of art that you can hang on it, or a few floating shelves with an art display or other items.

Go With a Wall of Shelves

Why not convert an entire wall into built-in shelving? If you love to read or you enjoy collecting other beautiful things the fact that your bedroom is too small to exhibit them might be a problem. Hopefully, a lovely wall of shelves can be created pretty easily. You can also add some architectural accents that can really make it stand out. Moreover, bear in mind that a shelf unit by itself will give your room an aesthetic aspect, especially if it initially appears to be lacking one. Maintain your shelving unit’s interest and appeal by arranging your antiques in a lovely display.

Making the most of the limited space set aside for an entertainment space opens up new possibilities for home décor. Electronics, blankets, games, and other items that you have laying around your living room can be kept in extra storage. For example, this can be an entire wall that is dedicated to them. To maintain the aesthetics and utility in balance, add some plants and bright accents.

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Putting Up Some Mirrors

Mirrors are excellent for a variety of decorating techniques and ideas. They are not only useful, but by bouncing light, they can increase the perception of floor area in small spaces. This means that they can make your rooms seem bigger.

There are a variety of ways that mirrors may assist you in creating an accent wall in your room, whether you decide to use one enormous mirror that takes up a sizable piece of a wall or numerous shapes and sizes of mirrors to build a collage of mirrors for additional visual appeal. To really make the mirror pop and add to its visual appeal, hang it on a wall that is painted in a beautiful tint.

Stone Walls

Stone is a great element seen in many different types of home decor, and rustic home designs use it frequently. One method to make a space stand out is to add a gorgeous stone accent wall, which is often done in rooms that already have a stone fireplace.

Instead of keeping the stone centered solely around the fireplace, think about extending it to cover the entire wall, from floor to ceiling and end to end. If changing the entire wall would be too drastic, extending it a little bit can have enough of an impact to make it a clear and stylish focal wall.

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Wood Walls

Wood may be used in countless inventive ways to produce beautiful accent walls. It may be used to achieve any style, whether it be a rustic appearance, a traditional, elegant feel, or a modern décor. Using some wood walls can give your space the feeling of an old wood cabin. And you can do this effortlessly. A single wall can completely transform a room into something unique and striking.

A wall can have a new, textured, and exquisite appearance by using plywood cut into squares of various sizes, colored, and mounted in layers and patterns. Another well-liked method for adding a wooden wall and instantly giving the room a more cottage-like appearance is the shiplap style. Using wood is a great idea for a project like this!

Pictures on the Wall

You can create an amazing accent wall with little to no effort by just placing art on it. And it shouldn’t always be art. It can be your favorite family picture or just a quote that inspires you. The world is at your fingertips

If you want to make it extra you can also add more pictures or pretty much anything else that has personal significance for you. Put the images in symmetrical order, or get inventive and create your own wall-mounted display.

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Living Moss

Your accent wall will reach entirely new heights with living moss walls. They have both beauty and boldness. Making a live moss wall is an option to think about if you enjoy the appearance of nature in your home. Using different kinds of moss, you may either cover a complete wall or, like in the example above, maybe a smaller version is sufficient to add the finishing touch your wall needs.

According to some designers, you can choose to use actual moss to make your accent wall, but fake moss walls can be just as stunning without the maintenance that’s required for a genuine, living moss wall.

Brick Walls

Similar to how stone fireplaces are built, many fireplaces are made of brick. By extending your brick to cover more of the wall, you can create a focal point other than the fireplace itself. Without a fireplace, brick can also be used as a stand-alone motif for a wall. It is a fantastic method to add architectural character to a space with an industrial design concept.

Additionally, there are numerous different brick shades available, so you can find the ideal one to match your color scheme. Artwork or floating shelves for a practical feature might also add more detail.

Frame the Furniture

Picking a wall to accentuate shouldn’t be done by chance. To draw attention to the existing focal point of the space, use the feature wall. One good example of a feature wall is the wall against which the fireplace or perhaps the TV is located. A bedroom’s back wall is also the perfect place for this.

Use an accent wall to create a frame or headboard for your bed, whether it’s an all-over pretty floral design to serve as a backdrop or something more contemporary, such as a painted headboard, which can change the look of your bedroom ideas by providing it with a new color palette and a new point of reference. Before beginning to paint, sketch out your design in pencil. Get imaginative, and keep in mind that you can easily paint over mistakes.

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