Want To Be Happy? Throw Out These 8 House Items!


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Are you happy at the moment?

You surely know that happiness is a state of mind, but did you know that having a cluttered house can actually impact your mood? Even if you try to deny it, a space that is always full of things you no longer use is probably a major source of stress for you.

According to a poll conducted by HuffPost in 2013, more than 80% of respondents complained that their houses and apartments were too cluttered, with over 50% of them saying that this mess contributed significantly to their stress levels. So, if calmness and peace of mind are what you want, there’s an easy solution: start decluttering your home.

Need some help figuring out where to begin? That’s why we’re here. Here are 8 things that expert organizers say you should get rid of. It might not be the most enjoyable activity, but you should do that because it will make you happy, increase your storage space in your home, and make you more productive overall. That’s right.

A clean home means a clean mind, so if you want to discover the secret of productivity and well-being, here it is: declutter your home and declutter your life! Are you ready to begin?

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  1. Thank you for sharing your information.This is a good time to start getting rid of these things I don’t use and donate.thanks again Vi

    1. Please, before throwing IT out check with your local Thrift shop, vets organization, food pantry or Habitat for Humanity. You may find IT to be tax a deduction too!

      1. Also, please consider donating the tools, clothes, household items to homeless shelters, refugees, those who have so much less that established homes have.

    1. 2 yrs? Thats is an awful long time for something to be sitting around collecting dust. It should be more like 6 mo’s to a yr.

  2. Lingerie! Get thee to a high quality seller and get fitted with bras that really fit. Ditch the rest of them – if you get on line you can find companies that will take and repurpose them. Also purge the panties crowded in grey exhaustion in a drawer with no elastic left. It won’t break the bank to buy new ones that match your new bras. If you still wear pantyhose, try not to. It’s so out of vogue that it just looks weird. “Suntan” pantyhose equals “baloney legs.” Nobody’s legs are that bizarre deli-meat color.

    1. Good idea! I have finally come to the same conclusion after all these years (I am 60 and it took me till my 50’s for the lightbulb moment!) Lol. I now only buy good quality lingerie that fit. I buy enough to get me through a long vacation if needed and that’s it. Same for socks. Haven’t worn pantyhose in years and if I should ever need them, I will get it then.

  3. All these suggestions are great but I especially struggle with the last one on toiletries only because I feel like I am just sending unused products and their containers to the landfills. What do you recommend doing with the contents of these unfinished products as dumping the rest down the drain is not an option either. It just really bothers me to add pollutants to the water table and soil if I can’t recycle the plastic or glass bottles. Any suggestions? Other than buying less of what you don’t use or finish which is the first part of the problem to be addressed for me.

    1. Most communities offer toxic product recycling days where you can bring in such items to be properly handled. Check with your local Resource Recovery and Recycling Authority for dates and locations.

    2. Hi I use unused shampoo to clean my shower it cuts through scum and i use it to bath my dogs.

      1. Unused shampoo??? Huh? That makes no sense. You always gotta wash your hair. How does it become unused if there’s always a need for it???

    3. Try not to Overbuy. Also use bigger containers. Add good water and continue til gone. Cut open toothpaste( I use less toxic one) and creams , face washes, and use a small scooper tovget out excess . Make sure products are recyclable. Also by more sustainable like soaps and makeup etc. For clothes ,I use boxed laundry sheets . Check Amazon or online . No big pastic and caustic bottles

    1. My sister in law and I have a garage sale every spring. When you come across something that you no longer wear/use/hate🤔 put in a tote/box marked for yard sale. Make sure items are clean. Put reasonable price / negotiate. Say Thank You!! What we don’t sale, we donate it. Must take all items!!!! We don’t have to take it back in… And the people get nice things for free. Please don’t put items out that you would throw in the trash. We often just give things to customers. You wouldn’t believe how happy this makes your heart💕💕💕
      Hugs from Cindi & Paula.

    1. I personally believe it should be 6 mo’s. But hey to each their own. I realize everyone is different. But if something is sitting around for 6 mo’s or longer, without you using it, then it has no purpose being there. You’ve either found a better product or just don’t need it like you used to.

  4. I don’t know what to do with cards from Christmas & birthdays etc. I feel guilty throwing them out but I have so many. I wonder if they could be put in the recycle cart?

    1. Greeting cards are usually high quality white paper, which is most valuable in the recycling stream, as long as there are no glued on buttons, bows, or glitter. The front of the card can be cut away from the back message half. The message halves can be bundled with twine and put in recycling bin for pickup. The fronts of the cards can be given to preschoolers. Who are learning shapes, letters. Animals, etc. Shapes can be cut out to develop scissor skills, and glued on paper or cardboard to make messages, collages. Etc. Some special schools like donations like that,

    2. Donate the fronts and wording or stuff on backs to daycares, the kids can paste onto construction paper as new cards for arts and crafts.

    3. You can recycle them as paper or you can mail your cards to: St. Jude’s Ranch for Children Recycled Card Program 100 St. Jude’s Street Boulder City, NV 89005. Restrictions On Cards Accepted: They don’t accept Hallmark, Disney or American Greeting Cards. I usually remove the page with the poem, saying, and signature, cut off the front of the card, gather up a batch, and mail them to the above address. There are plenty of cards that are not Hallmark, Disney, or American Greeting.

      1. Just curious: Wondering why they don’t take Hallmark or American Greeting cards? Also do you know what they do with them? Use them for crafts??

    4. Crafters use them to make gift tags. When I was a kid in Camp Fire Girls, we cut up the pics, glued them to cardboard, sewed them together w/ yarn (all the same size with the bottom one being larger and maybe a hexagon) and made a little basket. An idea for schools, churches to make gifts for yourself or moms. I loved mine, still have it although it has flattened out, and I have moved to 7 cities in 5 states and I’m 75. Please don’t berate me—I got rid of furniture first 😁.

  5. Our community has “Blessing Boxes” in neighborhoods. Please no expired items.
    About once a month Paula & I go to a dollar store and pick up items like canned soup, cereals, peanut butter, crackers, etc. That don’t need to be refrigerated.
    Personal items, toothpaste, shampoo, soap, ect. Their food cards don’t pay for these items.
    I get snack items…pudding and jello cups, microwave popcorn. Cup of soup and hot chocolate you mix with hot water….
    You wouldn’t believe how much you can buy for $10!!

    Paula and I are far from rich!!! Both retired. Doing this is so much better than having a piece if that wonderful dessert!!!! Maybe it will keep us from gaining weight LOL. Hugs

  6. Instead of buying gift wrap or gift bags for gifting or Christmas go to your local supermarket and purchased a reusable shopping bag at the check out and give your gift in one of these. They are normally $1.00 each and come in assorted sizes and already decorated. This way you are giving 2 gifts and keeping paper out of the landfill.

  7. I use all old socks and odd socks for cleaning. Put a sock over your hand and use it as a duster, it is especially great when using furniture polish as you can spray the polish on the sock, or on the furniture, use the hand with the sock on it to polish and then when done just toss away the sock or you can put it over the top of the can to use again.

  8. Everyone should have a basic set of tools, including all shown in the picture (with the exception of the open-end wrench because it fits only one size bolt or nut). The small amount of space that a small tool kit takes up in your house is trivial compared to the inconvenience of having to bother others to borrow their tools every time you need one. Self-sufficiency can be a source of happiness.

  9. I send a postcard each day to a friend in a nursing home and cut off the top of Christmas cards or others and use them as postcards.

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