9 Clever Garage Organization Ideas That’ll Free Up a Parking Spot


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Of all the storage areas in our houses, our garages are probably the most likely to become chaotic. After all, they do a lot of things for us: stash sporting equipment, hide tools, act as an entry to our homes, store our cars — the list goes on. Maybe that’s why we’re all always looking for ways to achieve the organized garage of our dreams.

Well, here’s something you may want to hear (or read): that dream of yours doesn’t have to feel far off. So, don’t give up on your quest for peak garage organization because we’re here to give you 9 of the most brilliant garage organization ideas!

From ingenious hacks for storing workout gear to taking advantage of ceiling space, here’s all the inspiration you were looking for to revamp your garage into a functional space.

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11 Responses

    1. Don’t take it to Goodwill. Their executives make six figures. Kind of excessive amount for an organization that is supposed to help people and the six figures is not a low number.
      Take it where it really helps. Like a woman shelter. Women in their children are kicked out or have to leave in the middle of the night. Many times with nothing. They can use everything to restart their life.

  1. I agree that a lot of this stored stuffed could be trashed! Perhaps the homeowner should look for a bigger home and storage space.

  2. The first and last pics are congested messes. I already live like that and no matter how it’s stored……TOO MUCH JUNK!

  3. I am so sorry to say that the Clutter x 1,000 would be impossible to remedy. It’s impossible to take one foot step in that full from walls to wall x four. I bug “HIM” and bug “HIM” to absolutely no avail….same with the living room I no longer have…..and it’s the largest room in this house due to an extension….it’s is the husband’s bed room by himself.
    About the garage, I swear he is waiting to die, so I’ll be stuck with the impossible decluttering.

  4. I think this looks pretty good. I’ll guess the family members live an active lifestyle, maybe like to decorate for the holidays, and are clever enough to do some of their own repairs (tools). Perhaps the minimalists that are commenting should just scroll on by.

  5. Shelving on the side walls would help alot. Tools can be stored on a pegboard and junk can be stored in the trash.

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