11 Burned Bathroom Trends Designers Are Tired Of


One of the things that homeowners know for a fact is that there are some rooms that can date a home more than others. Of course, we’re talking about bathrooms. It can be anything and all at once: from the colors of the walls, or simply the finish of the countertops, to the tiles model.

Truth is, a poorly-designed bathroom has the power to send you to the wrong century. But the more you start planning for a refresh, the more you learn, right? That’s why we’ve decided to make a useful list with all the bathroom trends we think it’s time to put behind. Naturally, the list is designer-approved!

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Everything is white

As Amy Youngblood, the founder and lead designer of Amy Youngblood Interiors said, we’ve had enough of the all-white bathroom. She also added that, in her opinion, all-white bathrooms are finding their way out in 2023. First things first, it’s extremely hard to keep it clean, and it’s also a bit boring.

People started to look for more unique, colorful, and even textured spaces that don’t seem to be so sterile. Also, Olivia Wahler from Hearth Homes Interiors strongly agreed, explaining that the updated version is way more welcoming and zen.

She also added that all-white bathrooms haven’t been trending for a while now, as they started making room for something warmer, organic wood tones.

Sinks and suites in specific hues

Paula Taylor, the current head stylist at Graham and Brown, also agreed that all-white is completely out in 2023. However, she also mentioned an interesting thing: just because white is out, this doesn’t mean that it’s time to run back to monochromatic pastel bathrooms.

Even if there’s a rise in colored sinks and suites, something that she’d truly dislike to see going back in style is the avocado bathroom. It’s true that these iconic ’70s bathrooms really had their moment, but I strongly believe that they shouldn’t make a return.

Many designers believe that brightly-hued bathroom suites are the ones that become rapidly outdated, so most times, they’re not worth the investment. So why invest in something that you might like for only a year or two when you can try something a bit more warm and timeless?

Dated tilework

At some point in the past, everything was chevroned. Recently, that has been linked more to bathrooms, but according to Youngblood, that’s over now. The old-fashioned chevron tile reminds me of the 2010s, and that doesn’t really fit the whole organic and calming vibe we’re currently into. According to Youngblood, that’s something that has to go.

But Youngblood isn’t the only one that feels this way, as Wahler also feels that the white subway tiles are bound to make an exit this year. White subway tiles with that black grout and geometric approach had their time. Now, it seems that softer and seamless tiles are the future.

Also, Christine Vroom from Christine Vroom Interiors strongly agrees. “I’m ready to see the standard white subway tile taking the back seat. We will all look back on it and wished for more innovation, versus this type of boring, white rectangles. There are so many and varied textures, colors, shapes, sizes, and even patterns out there, that settling for that white subway tile should become a thing of the past.”

tubb bathroom
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Jacuzzi and Jetted Tubs

According to April Gandy, the main designer at Alluring Designs Chicago, jetted bathtubs are officially outdated. She explained that jacuzzi tubs are simply a thing of the past, as people aren’t interested anymore in maintaining and cleaning the jetted bathtubs.

As an alternative, freestanding soaker tubs are much easier to maintain, cost less, and will never require the amount of space the jetted tubs do. In fact, Sara Malek Barney from BANDD/DESIGN strongly agrees. As she said, bulky, oversized tubs are completely impractical, and the new technology features we can access come with many other conveniences.

Hollywood glam lights

As Gandy added, if we’re still saying goodbye, then we should also add the well-known vintage vanity lights. As she said, Hollywood glam light fixtures simply scream “dated”. But fortunately, vanity lights are the easiest and most high-impact fixes you could ask for, especially for a bathroom that needs a little refresh. She explained that light fixtures are extremely easy to replace. You only swap the fixtures and you immediately get a little update on your bathroom.

Accent walls

Also, if you were to ask Hayley English, from Hayley English Interiors, she’d tell you that the bathroom accent walls are also over. It’s very hard to get a proper finished, cohesive design with an accent wall. If you want to have a wall tile, paint color, or even wallpaper, place it on all four walls and you’ll make a statement.

Angular storage

There has been a change in innovative storage solutions for 2023, which automatically means that we can finally say goodbye to the traditional, old look from the last years. Now, no matter the bathroom design you decide upon, you need to maximize space as much as possible.

Rather than the old-school, angular bathroom storage units we’ve been accustomed to, we should expect to see more mounted vanity units with some curved lines that will help create a cleaner, more modern appliance.

In fact, Malek Barney agreed with this, mentioning that storage is expected to become more thoughtful moving forward. He even added how much he’d wish for people to be more careful and considerate with the kind of storage they really need. Instead of countertops and floors that are full of clutter, he recommends to every homeowner be more considerate when it comes to clean spaces.

double sink bathroom
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Double sinks

While they look very cute in rom-coms, they’re not so nice to have in real life. In other words, double sinks aren’t practical at all. It seems that two sinks will instantly create more nooks and crannies that you later need to clean. Not to mention the fact that you’ll have a hard time finding enough counter space for your hair dryer, makeup, or even shaving kit!

Large, frameless mirrors

In the last couple of years, these cheap bathroom mirrors have become omnipresent, and most landlords won’t even bother to upgrade them. “The entire design aesthetic of the home should reflect on the bathroom, and choosing frameless mirrors simply adds zero characters.” as Ben Creamer, the co-founder and managing broker for the Downtown Realty Company, has explained.

It would be much better if you’d simply hang a framed mirror over your sink, he explained.

Toilet seat covers

And not just that, but also the bathroom rugs that are specially made to fit around the toilet. They are too accessible, as you can easily find them in every $1 store. Besides that, they make the entire bathroom look dated. However, if you really want to have a rug in your bathroom, it should have the same style as any other rug you have in your home.

Floating sinks

This particular trend trades for modern design. Even so, you lose all the cabinet space you might have wished for, and you might end up with a particular commercial look that won’t fit in a cozy, calm atmosphere.

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