11 Burned Bathroom Trends Designers Are Tired Of


light blue bathroom
Photo by Pixel-Shot from shutterstock.com

One of the things that homeowners know for a fact is that there are some rooms that can date a home more than others. Of course, we’re talking about bathrooms. It can be anything and all at once: from the colors of the walls, or simply the finish of the countertops, to the tiles model.

Truth is, a poorly-designed bathroom has the power to send you to the wrong century. But the more you start planning for a refresh, the more you learn, right? That’s why we’ve decided to make a useful list with all the bathroom trends we think it’s time to put behind. Naturally, the list is designer-approved!

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  1. Well this is great, who has the money to remodel their bathrooms every 5-10 years at $10k each, so not practical

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