8 Decor Trends from the 1990’s That Are Back in Style

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Well, we all know that time flies faster than we could imagine and there will be a moment when we will realize that we are just some innocent souls that are passing through life to find its meaning and to achieve our goals. Do you remember your parents’ house? Or your grandma’s attic full of toys? Can you smell the scent of their house, that perfume they left behind when they were waiting for you to come home from school?

The truth is that society has changed and modernized over the years. Different technologies have appeared that have tried to facilitate our existence and transform us into people who no longer use their own creativity but only blindly follow the latest trends and fashions. For instance, some individuals can’t renovate or redecorate their homes according to their own tastes and preferences, instead, they need continuous validation certified by various design experts who have positioned themselves as the rulers of what can and cannot be considered stylish.

When we talk about redecorating our own homes, one of the most important rules is to keep it simple and try to adapt every change we make to reflect our own personality and style. 

These days, some homeowners look at their childhoods through the lens of nostalgia. Fondly remembering the real wood kitchen, those bright, if not gaudy, colored walls, that ubiquitous brown furniture that now only seems to exist in some corner of our collective memories. 

Nevertheless, there are some ‘90s décor trends that will always be popular! Read on for more!

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