7 Decorating Rules You Should Ignore, According to Designers

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Well, it is said that some rules are meant to be broken and this is the principle that many designers rely on. Designers recommend you renovate your home using your own creative skills and to start a project that is perfect for you and your abilities. Even though there are some rules that should be followed, this theory does not apply to every home project. Sometimes, all that matters is to redecorate your home the way you like, because it is important to feel a positive atmosphere when you are there. We spend a lot of time in our homes, so make it worth staying inside.

When it comes to renovation your beloved place, one of the most important things is to express your creativity so that you can create beautiful things and you will love the results, even the entire process, from finding new ideas to implementing them. Every person is born with this personality trait, but it is important to show it anytime you can and you should start with decorating your home.

Trying to create a specific home style that is representative of you and makes you feel good, that place means giving life to your thoughts and feelings. To be more specific, if you have an anxious personality with episodes of depression do not paint your walls with darker colors, because it will accentuate your state of mind. Instead, you can use neutral colors or different pastels that bring light into your house and mood as well.

So, this is a rule that you should have to keep in mind when you change something in your home, namely your tastes; but in other cases forget the rules and rely on your own ideas!

From how to paint your room, to how to use different styles, designers reveal some decorating rules that you should totally break!

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